Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yellow tulips.

I think I may have been too enthused about my smartphone working, because it is very possible that it is not as yet. I get a message on the touchscreen that I can only make emergency phone calls and that is certainly not my intention. I do not know how I am going to solve this problem yet, but I am not in the mood at all to deal with it, so for now, I am putting it out of my head. I hardly use a mobile phone anyway and still have to find a good reason for having one in the first place. It really isn't worth the expense. It must have been in a very mad moment that I got it.
The weather that we are having is not good for my arthritic joints, and I am aching in spite of the strong medication I am taking. It is damp and cold outside and I feel that I ought to wear thermal underwear. Because that would not look fashionable, I am not going to put any on, but it would be nice and warm. I am wearing jeans and thick socks and my cowboy boots, and I can not even imagine wearing something as skimpy as a dress. I have to get used to these temperatures, although I do like them better than the summertime heat.
As I sit here behind the computer, I can contemplate the very strongly executed watercolor of yellow tulips that is hanging on the wall facing me. For some reason, it had not recently occurred to me to pay attention to it that much. The colors are very rich and it looks like you can dip your fingers into them and lick them off. Now I do remember why this is one of the two I picked out to take home. I suppose sometimes you look at the art you own and remember why you liked it so much in the first place.
I think the possible solution that John Kerry quite accidentally through a reporter's question came up with, may just be brilliant. It sure gets Barack Obama out of a uncomfortable position and the other European leaders will be off the hook also, although the majority were waiting for a UN resolution. I think the fact that even Russia is positive about this idea says a lot. It creates a win-win situation for everybody and maybe there will follow more diplomatic traffic. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just catching up--happy belated birthday!
We've still got heat here and I'm ready for a frost to kill the bugs.
Yellow tulips. Now I feel happy just thinking of them.

Connie Rose said...

You obviously know more about the Syria situation than I do. I just read two posts on FB, though, that said that Obama's asking Congress for it's blessing to go to war was a strategy that would leave Congress to blame if we do, in fact, go to war. In other words, since Obama asked, they can't blame it on him since the final approval would be theirs. Still, I don't know what's going on...but I sure hope another war doesn't happen.