Thursday, September 19, 2013

From the top of the hill...

My cups of coffee taste very good and have made my brain work very well and released it from the sleepy fog it was in a while ago. In a while, I will have to start drinking cold lemonade to quench my thirst because coffee does not help that at all. That will be another nice thing to look forward to. As you can see, there is no end to the joys I find in life, except that I wish I had a liter or two of vanilla custard. Well, there is always something left to long for.
Yesterday, I finally caved in and closed the bedroom windows and turned the thermostat up for a while to get it a bit warmer in here. It was cold and damp enough outside to give me reason to do so. Since then, it is a lot more pleasant inside and now I am very comfortable sitting here in my freshly laundered red bathrobe. I am not going to open the windows until the weather gets a little better which may happen next week. It's very nice to sit here and not have ice cold hands and feet.
Since I have started eating like a normal person again some months ago, I have gained weight and have now reached a more normal one and am steady at it. I go on the bathroom scale every now and then and always weigh the same. I ought to because my diet is pretty steady and I don't eat anything too outlandish. I think I look better with a bit of meat on my bones and in all the other more feminine places. I am a bit more curvaceous now and actually fit my bra. That was a minor achievement.
There is one pair of skinny jeans and two tops that don't fit me anymore, but that's as far as the damage goes. I will give them to my sister. I have enough clothes in my closet that do fit and am glad that I have a variety of them to choose from. There never is a dull moment when I have to get dressed.
It is true that I love my clothes more than I love my books, although I wouldn't want to do without my bookcase. It is also true that it really only serves a decorative purpose in the living room right now, but I hope that one day it will be more than that again. Because my armchair is placed right beside it, I do look at the books regularly and see the ones I have not read yet and do feel a vague urge to read them. One day it will be an overwhelming feeling and it will do it.


Rob-bear said...

Your life sounds very relaxed and "filling in." This is good. One can have too little weight, as well as too much (my problem).

Books. How could anyone ever do without them? Now that I am doing better, I'm trying to read a couple of books every month. Of course, I'm still reading non-fiction, and some of it is fairly challenging. But using my bookshelves for books, is good.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That weather shift is coming here tonight.
I bet having someone to give your good clothes to makes it much easier to give them up.