Friday, September 20, 2013

...and what will the diagnosis be?

Today is the day that I am going to see the rheumatologist and the timing couldn't be better because I am in some pain. The old Tietze Syndrome is acting up badly and is causing me quite a bit of trouble and having me reach for the paracetamol quite often. I have had this problem some 30 years and every once in a while it rears its ugly head. It really struck hard this time. I am curious what diagnosis the rheumatologist will give me, although I have one in mind myself. I will see if we agree on that and I hope that her diagnosis is not a worse one than mine.
Yesterday, I had to wash the duvet covers on both the beds because Tyke had frolicked on them with his paws all muddy, leaving dirty prints all over them. I didn't mind having to wash them, because I love sleeping under a clean cover, but I have decided to not make up the guest bed anymore until I get an actual guest. I will not be like a boy scout and be always prepared, but I doubt very much that a guest is going to show up so unexpectedly, that I will not have the time to make the bed. As a rule, I get a few months notice.
I think I may have to take Gandhi to the vet because she has pretty much stopped eating. I have tried all sorts of food now, and she tries to eat them, but gives up after a few bites as if they do not agree with her, or she totally does not even try. There seems to be nothing else the matter with her other than that she is very affectionate, more so than usual, and she practically sleeps on top of my face at night. The rest of the time she sticks close to Tyke and when I am up, they sleep on the sofa together.
My fingers are swollen up and they feel tight. I would not be able to take my rings off now, but luckily, I don't have to. They do look a little like sausages. My psoriasis is acting up and I want to scratch it very badly, but I am trying not to.
It's always something.


Cassie said...

Funny how our pets have to jump up when they have muddy feet. I agree it is nice to crawl into fresh laundered bedding. I hope kitty is not too ill and can be treated.

Connie Rose said...

Hope it goes well at the doc's. I also hope Gandhi is okay -- it's a good idea to take her to the vet. Have a good weekend! xoxo