Sunday, September 22, 2013

Doing morning gymnastics.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place since I know that I have fibromyalgia. One thing that is explained now is my fatigue and I no longer think it is a psychological problem that I have to fight with cups of coffee and artificial cheerfulness. I can really let myself feel the physical tiredness and rest, and at the end of the day, allow myself to feel how tired I am and lie my aching body down in bed and look forward to a good many hours of sleep. It is a luxury that I am allowing myself and it does me well.
I also realize that I can't do without the paracetamol and the anti-inflammatory medicine. I tried not to take them yesterday, but that did not work out well at all and I ended up grumpy because of the discomfort. So that is an experiment I am not going to repeat and from now on, I will be taking them on time.
When the morning gymnastics program came on TV at 8:45, I joined in as if it was the most normal thing in the world and I had my work out, although I could not quite keep up with the rhythm. I suppose I will get better the longer I do it. I did feel good after I was done and I think it did loosen up my joints. It is an overall work out that is not too hard to do. The impact is not so hard that it hurts your body if you have never done it before.
When I finally went grocery shopping yesterday, I managed to stay under the budget, although I did get all the things I needed. I shopped frugally and had planned the list down to the very last item and had looked up ahead of time what it cost. I got Gandhi some food in pouches in the hope that she would like it better, and got Tyke a new giant rawhide bone which he was very happy with.
Both of them are very excited when I unpack the groceries and do not move an inch from my side, knowing I will have something special for them. Of course, I do tell them that and they understand what I am saying to them, Gandhi as well as Tyke. Gandhi understands a lot of the language that I address Tyke in and I can use it to 'talk' with her. She's a smart little critter.
Because it is Sunday today, I will have a bit of a lazy day and I am looking forward to that. Now that I know it is okay to rest my body regularly, I know I can take the time out and sometimes do nothing at all.

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