Thursday, September 05, 2013

No such luck...

Well, sometimes things don't work out quite the way you would have liked them to. I thought I was in a position to be able to use the services of the food bank, but it turns out that I am not poor enough by 25 Euros. So there goes my big chance at getting help that way. Again, more frugality will be the way I will have to make ends meet, though I hardly know how to achieve that. I suppose I have to see this as a big test which I can either pass or fail, and I am determined to pass. The food bank would have been the break I needed, but fate seems to have different ideas for me.
It is true that when one door closes, a window opens, though I would like to think that you can try to open a few other doors. First I have to determine their location because I am stumbling around in the dark a bit and I think I will have to find the light switch first.
Yesterday, I tried to shop frugally at that other grocery store, but I think this one is not the cheapest one I can shop at, so next week I am trying another one for which I will have to ride my bike even a bit further. The store I shopped at yesterday did have a good selection of fresh vegetables and I was able to take advantage of some special deals, but I was surprised at how expensive vegetables are in general. People are encouraged to eat them fresh, but I hardly see how it can be done at those prices. You really have to pick and choose carefully.
The Exfactor goes to the open air market downtown on the square a lot, and I know that terrific deals can be had on the fresh vegetables there. I may now have to consider going there myself or ask him to shop there for me to get the best deals. I first have to try out this next grocery store which I have heard is number one in the fresh vegetable department.
I do have to say that, at least on a temporary basis, riding my bike does my knee a lot of good. It is getting on and off that's a bit tricky and I can well imagine reinjuring myself doing that, so that is something I do carefully.
I slept well last night because I also took a tranquilizer before I went to bed. I had such a great desire for a good night's sleep that I decided to give that a try. I think I could have slept longer this morning, but the urge to start the day made me want to get up. When it comes to that, I am still like a kid that can't wait to see what exciting things the day will bring.

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