Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The majority of time...

Having enjoyed the sculpture garden so much last Sunday with my sister of the Zimbabwean artists' made sculpture, I went looking around on the internet and found an exhibition of sculptures of national and international artists at a chateau not too far from here that looks very intriguing. The sculptures are placed in well kept gardens, both formal and informal, and are mostly of the more monumental kind. I think we will enjoy going to see them and I have already asked my sister if she would like to go and she would.

I have to try and find one other thing to do so that we will be able to fill the whole afternoon with activities. It would be nice if there were also a general art exhibit and I will try to find one around here, so I have to do some more sleuthing on the internet. We do pretty much have the same taste in art and it will not be too difficult to find something that will please us both, if I can find something for the Sunday. And I also very much enjoy taking photographs of what I see so I can recall what the day was like and remember my favorite pieces.

We do have an art museum in town that was designed by a well-known Italian architect and the building itself is a work of art, but the main collection is not yet all that stunning. They do regularly have special exhibits and if you are lucky, it is a very good one and it is worth going to see. We just had one of Russian expressionists that was very good, but I don't know right off what is going to be shown next. I will have to investigate that also. It's too bad that the entrĂ©e fees are so expensive, or I would go more often to see the smaller special exhibits in the main three floor tower.

As I mentioned before, I have a first date on Saturday, but so far, I am amazingly calm about it. It is with a woman I came in contact with through the website of Old Pink 50+. She is a few years older than I am and I have seen photos of her, as she has seen photos of me. I am not quite sure if she is my type, her being quite sporty and casual, but I am willing to give it a shot anyway. This is my first foray into the gay world and I have to start somewhere. I may not be her type either, of course. We will have to see how we hit it off.
We have talked to each other over the phone and she seemed put off by the fact that I am bipolar, although I had expected her to be a bit more broadminded than that. She was not as enlightened as I had expected. I hope that she will find the proof in the pudding en that her prejudice will disappear when she actually meets me. Imagine a gay woman having prejudices. I suppose anybody is capable of them, it doesn't matter what their sexual nature is. You would hope for people to grow up and get these kinds of things out of their system.
I will make sure I dress nice and wear my most feminine clothes, although I do not want to doll myself up too much. I will actually give it one or two more casual touches and I will only wear bright lipstick, no other make up at all. I have put some thought into it already. I will certainly not look like the Barbie doll I am not. I will present myself as the person I usually am and not as someone I am not. I have been able to look around at other women and see what I like, and it is certainly not the ones with half of the contents of a make up bag slathered on their faces and a half of a bottle of perfume sprayed on that makes you feel faint when they walk past you.
Attitude is everything.  


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Friko said...

Best of luck with the first date. Whatever you do, stay yourself. For the simple reason that nobody ever manages to pull off pretending to be somebody they’re not for long.

I want to hear all about it, if you can kiss and tell.