Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am a bit frustrated because I got the diagnoses of fibromyalgia, which is the most elusive of rheumatic disorders because not a lot is known about it yet. It is one that my sister has also, so it seems to run in the family. It is just a matter of research and time until the mysteries about it are solved, and until then all I can do is be patient and not listen to the nonsense that is spouted.
At least I know that it is supposed to be this painful and why I live a sedentary life. It is because it makes me tired quickly and I thought I was just lazy. If it is fibromyalgia, it does explain a lot of my complaints and symptoms.
I have complete faith in the rheumatologist who was very thorough and knowledgeable and she really took her time with me. Just to be on the safe side, she had me do a blood test to eliminate anything else and she will call me with the results in a week. I also have an appointment with a rheumatism nurse to go over the fine details of the disorder and how to live with it. Apparently, fibromyalgia is taken very seriously here.
I was wiped out when I got home and had to take some time to recuperate and have a good cup of coffee. It is a good thing to know why I get wiped out so quickly and need my rest periodically. At least I will not be looking for dumb excuses now.
I will start doing morning gymnastics with the program that's on TV every day at 8:45 am, because those kinds of exercises will be good for me. I will also start taking the multivitamins and supplements again, because I had temporarily stopped taking them. I didn't know if they were good for me, but I now know they are. I will also start eating fatty fish two times a week as is recommended. My BMI is 23,9, which is very good for a woman my age.
I think it is my natural optimism that will pull me through this in the end. I do have the tendency to want to get up and go after I rest a bit. I have spurts of energy that carry me through life step by step. And remember: an optimist thinks that doing a step backwards is doing the cha cha.


Wisewebwoman said...

At least you know now what's wrong with your energy levels. Good.

Keep thinking positively.


Maggie May said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Irene and I hope that it can be controlled easily.
At least knowing what is wrong with you is the first step.
Its good that you are optimistic by nature.
Maggie x

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