Monday, September 09, 2013

That's a miracle!

When I was in Texas over the holidays, I tried to recharge my smartphone, but something went wrong and my touchscreen went black and I was never able to use that phone again. When I came home, I put the SIM-card in another mobile phone that was much more primitive, and have been using that one ever since. I thought maybe I had broken the smartphone by trying to recharge it abroad and that I would have to pay for the costs to have it repaired myself.
This morning I called up the telephone company and got some very simple to follow instructions on how to fix the phone. These did not all work instantly, but like it had a mind of its own, the battery started recharging and just now the touchscreen lit up and I can now make calls with the phone again. I had visions of having to send it in and having it repaired at an enormous cost that I would not be able to afford, but it was all solved very easily. And all it took was one phone call. I goes to show you how easily something can be taken care of if you just give it a try.
I guess I am a fortunate person, because I have had nothing but luck when I have talked to people who man helpdesks. I have never had a bad experience with them and everything always works out well. I suppose that is also because I am a reasonable person to talk to and I expect a positive outcome.
When I was looking for the original box that my smartphone had come in, and the instruction booklet, I had to look in my suitcase and I also found there 4 pairs of jeans of which 2 pairs fit me perfectly. There was also a skirt which was a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Isn't it nice how one thing leads to another? Before you know it, you are better of than you thought you were. I am not really a forgetful person, but when it comes to my clothes, I do have a tendency to not remember what I have when it is not clearly in sight.
The sun is shining into the living room windows, but it is a gentle sun and I do not have to close the blinds. Outside it feels like a real autumn day and we have got the same beautiful sky that we did yesterday. It is 17 degrees Celsius and that is a very pleasant temperature. I get to wear my down filled coat, but not feel too warm.  


Wisewebwoman said...

I am so glad for you that all worked out well with the smartphone. I am new to smartphone and still have to learn so much.

Also the bonus of finding clothes. I love when that happens... :)


Friko said...

I am always so pleased when something works again unexpectedly. Digital gadgets are such a pain, you often have to throw them way when they go wrong.

Lucky for you not this time.

The temperatures have fallen here too and I am glad that I can walk Millie without getting overheated.

Rob-bear said...

A smart phone that works, and "new" clothes. Not at all bad for one day. Well done, Irene.

Weather is turning on this side of the Atlantic. I think we have seen the end of 30°C temperatures at our place. Our our daily highs are still well above 20C. Though the evenings are cooler, and nice for walking.

Blessings and Bear hugs!