Sunday, September 08, 2013

Not now anymore.

It is not my birthday now anymore, although it will be a little bit again when the package my daughter sent will arrive in the mail and I finally find out what it is that she sent me. I am completely in the dark about that now and that is the best kind of surprise. I am certainly not going to pressure her into revealing what it is before I get it. I am not that mean spirited of a mother.
I got house plants from my sister and the Exfactor like I asked for and the one from my sister is a tall exotic one that originally came from Zanzibar and is on the point of blooming. I gave it a very good spot in the living room in a place where it gets good light and should do well under my kind and nourishing care. I gave it a quarter of a liter of water and will not water it again until next Saturday, which is the day when I water all of my plants.
It is starting to look downright cozy in here with all those plants and if I am successful at keeping these alive and healthy, I will definitely get more as the budget allows. It is too bad that only the sitting area of the living room gets good light and that the rest of it is so much darker, but maybe I can find plants that do well under those conditions. There must be plants that do well in the deep shade of the jungle floor and that have now become domesticated house plants.
I have found out, because I wanted to try something different, that I like coffee with powdered creamer as long as it is not the fake kind. I read the label carefully on the pot that I had on the shelf in the kitchen for emergencies. There was nothing weird or odd in it, so that made me want to try it. It is nice to drink my coffee with a different flavor for a change and it helps make it go down easier because I was getting a bit tired with the taste of it.
That must be because I am still drinking the cheap brand, but the next two packages are from Douwe Egberts and I know that is going to be a whole new and improved flavor experience. I am looking forward to that, but I first have to finish the coffee that's in the glass jars. I am not wealthy enough to just dump that coffee. My conscious would not allow it. Frugality is my middle name.
It turns out that taking one capsule of the new medication every 12 hours, and a paracetamol every 4 hours, does the job and I have not been as comfortable in a long time. At night I sleep with a pillow under my left knee and that helps a lot. Now I don't nearly have as many aches and pains as I had before. I am lucky that the GP was willing to write the prescription for this medication because I am officially still without a diagnosis.
I think I will seat myself in my armchair and watch the repeats of the news. Obama is the only one who is strongly convinced that it was Assaad who is responsible for the chemical attack, although Hollande seems to feel that way also. Nobody else wants to strike back against him, but he only blames Russia and China. There was a story in a very respectable Dutch newspaper stating that the rebels had got their hands on chemical weapons and were moving them around when an accident happened and the gasses were released.


Rob-bear said...

It may not be your birthday any more, Irene, but you are certainly enjoying yourself and your presents. Which is wonderful. (Belated happy birthday!)

I was thinking that you were creating something of a jungle for yourself. In the Netherlands. Good for you!

Very glad that you have the pain under control. Pain that will not quit is surely a complication after the surgery. Rest well!

I've been caught up in bits and pieces of things, but I am feeling very well. Better than I have for years.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Wisewebwoman said...

Good that your meds have worked.

And I can only have one houseplant here, everything dies as it is so cold in the winter, I am nursing some mint at the moment, we will see.....

Lovely to hear of your new "family". :)


VioletSky said...

Oh, Irene. I missed your birthday! Getting plants are a nice reminder, I think. Belated best wishes, friend.