Saturday, September 14, 2013

Subdued midnight noises.

The cheapest store to grocery shop at, turned out not to be all that great. They did not really have a greater variety of really cheap items like my regular supermarket has and their vegetables were also a bit expensive. Other items they did not carry at all, so they had to be got at the regular store, which meant two shopping trips. I have tried several grocery stores now and I think my original one is the best, simply because they have a bigger variety and price range to choose from. I think a lot of the claims I have heard are fallacies and I will not put my faith in them anymore.
I have perfected my pasta dish and even found a pasta that is sold by the kilo at a cheaper price and that tastes good. I now have that dish down to a science and have it turn out well every time. I enjoy chopping the vegetables and don't even mind that I cry when I cut the onions. Because I always dislike peeling the garlic cloves, I got some already peeled in a jar and it is easy to get out how many I need and crush those. They are preserved in vinegar and that gives them some extra zest.
I don't fry up the bacon cubes, but let them simmer along with the vegetables after I have sautéed those, and the bacon turns out tender. I used a different brand of Italian herbs last night and I liked them better and did not use as much of them. It turns out that I don't have to and that a little bit goes a long way. The finesse in cooking is knowing when not to add too much of something. You should never get over enthused when sprinkling on herbs. Our ancestors used them sparingly, because herbs and spices were expensive and their taste buds were so delicate.
I eat the bacon cubes, because I can not eat any dairy products or legumes, and I have to get my proteins in somehow. I have not yet found an alternative way to do this, because I also can not handle soy. I ate vanilla custard yesterday, but I am still dealing with the aftermath of that. It's just that I craved it so much and wanted some very badly, that sometimes I am willing to pay the price. I just can't be away from home when I do.
I am looking forward to the next grocery shopping trip when I know which store I will go to. There will be no more of this riding my bike across town looking for the best deals. I know where they are.

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Gail said...

Pleasure in every moment. I'm proud of you.