Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Butterflies in my chest.

It being in the middle of the night, you can count on me doing at least one tried and true thing, and that is having a cup of coffee. Since I have been buying the decaffeinated kind, I have been making pots of coffee that are half that and half regular. I started off making pots that were two thirds decaf, but they did not give me enough pizzazz and I soon switched to an equal mix of both. The cups I drink of that, make me alert enough without making me feel wiry and having my heart beat rapidly. I used to lie in bed and wonder if I had butterflies caught inside my chest.
It is a good thing that I did get enough sleep already and that I don't feel deprived. It is possible that I will go to bed later and try to get another hour of it before the day starts, but it is not all that necessary. When it comes to routines, I pretty much have this one down to a science, and I know that I don't need all that much sleep and that I can get caught up on it during the weekend if I need to.
The shopping list on the white board in the kitchen is just about complete and I will have to transfer it to the back of a used envelope like I usually do. I find that, as a rule, I have one of them lying around handily. Already, there are too many items on the list and I worry about staying within the budget. I really can't wait to find out how much cheaper this other grocery store is going to be, but they don't have a website that shows all the products they have in the store, so I have been unable to find out. I won't know until I go into the store and start adding things to the trolley.
I dug around inside my closet and found two dresses that I had bought some years ago but had never really worn. Since I have gained some weight, they fit me perfectly, and I can only guess that it is serendipity that I should find them now. I wore one of them yesterday and will wear the other one today and give it a road test on my bike. Besides going shopping, I also have to see my therapist because she has to fill in an application for me for the food bank. I have heard that there is a waiting list and it may be some time before I am able to participate in that program.
Now I will go watch the news and also that on the Belgian television and the BBC. It's also time to take some ibuprofen and paracetamol.

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