Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't want to feel like that...

Going on this drastically new diet has not been a good idea. It has not worked out well at all. It turns out that all the things I started eating did not agree with me and gave me a stomachache and very bad heartburn. I also could not drink coffee or tea, not even if it was green tea or rooibos. Everything that I had to eat or drink was a disaster. 

As a result, I was pretty miserable yesterday and the antacid tablets weren't working. I spent a lot of time in bed lying there as quietly as I could, barely moving. I was hungry, but couldn't eat. Finally, I called the Exfactor and asked him to bring me some milk, as I thought that was going to be the only thing that was going to save me. 

He was over soon with two packs of it and I very carefully started drinking it and over the course of the evening my stomach started to settle down. Good enough so that I could go to sleep for a while. I'm up again now having some more milk. I really want a cup of coffee, but am afraid to have one. I don't want to upset my stomach again.

I'm going off the new diet immediately and going back to the dairy based one. Meat and fruits and vegetables don't agree with me. That much is obvious. I've seldom been so uncomfortable. It was an adventure I don't want to have again any time soon.

I've dared make a cup of coffee after all and put lots of milk in it. So far, so good. And it tastes delicious too and it's just what I needed. I hadn't had a cup since early yesterday morning. As you know by now, I'm not myself without my cups of coffee. It pleases me very much that I can drink this one and feel so good as a result of it. 

Today is Saturday and the day to do with as I please. I was afraid it was going to be a day spent suffering from heartburn, but now it looks like it is maybe not going to be. Thank goodness for small favors. For big favors, I should say. I will appreciate the day all the more for feeling good and not take it for granted. 

The first thing I'm hopefully going to do is sleep late because I'm in need of that after yesterday. It wasn't exactly a restful day. It was sort of an anxious day. Some cultural programs and some sports on TV will be nice too. No doubt I will not have to do without them. I envision a day of leisure and that's what I'll probably get. 

I hope you're all having a good night, or a good day, whichever time zone you're in.



Gail said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Milk does sooth the tummy.

VioletSky said...

Perhaps a more gradual change might have made you feel better. i decided to eat raw veggies and bought bags of the stuff to eat with hummus. My stomach rebelled. It never does that when I bags of chips with hummus.

Connie Rose said...

Sorry that diet didn't work out but glad you're on the mend. Sometimes it's not worth it to mess with what's already working. And frequently what the "experts" tell us is hogwash, because every body is different. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xox

Wisewebwoman said...

Well we have to experiment to know don't we and one of my good friends went completely raw food a few years ago, ran and was so effing Healthy, capital h, and guess what had a severe heart attack 6 months ago. So we are taught rubbish by a lot of so called experts.
Do what feels right and good, Nora, and you will be fine.