Friday, October 28, 2011

It's impossible not to be glad...

It's in the middle of the night and I'm temporarily done sleeping. I'm sure that will be remedied in a while when I've had my coffee and written this post. If I take my time writing this, no doubt sleep will catch up with me again. I have to do several hours of it yet until I get up at a decent time in the morning. 

I will have to set the alarm clock because I have to go to the optician to pick up my glasses. Yes, it is finally happening. This is only after I called and threatened to cancel the whole transaction. The girl who answered the phone told me that she would try to find my glasses and call me right back. She did within twenty minutes and told me she had located them and that I could pick them up first thing in the morning. 

This did give me a certain amount of satisfaction, but I do wonder why it had to take a phone call like that to get my glasses? I expected better service than that. A customer shouldn't have to make a pest of herself to get the service she deserves. 

Well, all's good that ends good. Or so we assume. 

I'm also going to the hairdresser tomorrow. I'm very unhappy with my hair at the moment. I have to put on too much hairspray to get it to stay in shape and that's not the kind of hairdo I want. I want easy hair. The kind that you wash and dry and it's in place.

It wasn't really time yet to go to the hairdresser, but I think I didn't get it cut short enough the last time and I'm going to have it cut properly this time. I think I will also not wait six weeks to have it cut, but go once a month because my hair grows quickly and I don't like it when it loses its shape. 

After I get done doing that, the Exfactor will be here to bring me the cat food and the washing powder that he buys at the supermarket where he shops. It's the food my cat likes best and the washing powder that came out best in consumer tests. It's a little known brand, not one of the big ones, but it takes care of any stain.

The domestic help will also be here because, goodness sakes, it is Friday again and where did the week go? It slipped by quite unobtrusively and I hardly have anything to show for it. Frankly, I'm glad it is over because it was a bit of a dull week with not much happening in it. Today being an exception. I would like just a little bit more excitement in my daily life. 

By this afternoon I will have a new look. I'm curious to see how I will turn out. I'm ready for a make over. I'm always interested in something different. 

I suppose I will go back to bed now. I'm not sleepy and could sit here for hours, but I do have to be sensible. I'm going to need my energy during the day. It's a lot of responsibility, being in charge of yourself. Somebody has to do it. 

Have a nice day.


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