Saturday, October 01, 2011

Waiting for inspiration...

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night with my cup of coffee and my cigarettes waiting for inspiration to hit me so I can write a brilliant post. So far all I can come up with is that my pajama bottoms are so big that they fall down whenever I stand up or walk around. But that's just trivial information and it's not going to keep you enthralled for a long time. I'll have to do better than that. Besides, I mostly sit or lie down in bed when I wear them so it's not much of a problem at all. 

The dog woke me up because he was obviously bored being by himself in the dark. He is now sound asleep on the coffee table and I haven't done a thing for him but get up. All he wanted was my company. He didn't even have to go out back for a piddle. I wouldn't have minded standing by the back door in the cool night air and maybe I'll get the opportunity later. It is always nice to cool off and look at the starry sky. The little piece of it I see anyway. 

The cat is the cat. She doesn't care much what I do as long as she gets to lie on top of me or in my vicinity. All I have to make sure of is that her bowls are filled with kibbles and milk. That's easily done because they stand on the kitchen counter and are not quickly overlooked. A cat is the easiest animal to look after. I do have to handle her with care. She's delicate.

It's going to be another warm day today. There will be nothing but bright sunshine. It won't get cooler until the middle of next week. We'll have more normal temperatures for the time of year then. I've enjoyed the sunshine, but I haven't enjoyed the heat all that much. It's wasted on me. I'm a cool weather person. A true Northern European.

I've got a new domestic help for Fridays and she's going to be permanent. Luckily, she's a very nice woman and she's thorough. We got along well and enjoyed each other's company. Now I won't have to deal with having a different person here every time I turn around which was bothersome and stressful. Especially if it was a man who didn't do his job well. Men don't know how to clean and like to talk a lot. They are a haphazard bunch. Spare me a man as a domestic help. 

I suppose that's all I've got to blog about really. The brilliance of this post is not that clear. In fact, it's hard to find. I won't worry about it if you won't. 

I hope you're all having a good night or a good day, whichever applies to you. 



Maggie May said...

The thing I like best about your posts, is that it just captures how things are for you at that particular time.
I think people like reality and you come across as a very honest person.
It is really hot. I'm in short sleeves and not at all feeling I need a coat when I go out.
The rabbits are lying on lino but they drag their cotton towels into a bunch and still sleep on them even though they aren't needed for warmth. Lily the long haired rabbit feels the heat. It must be like lying about in a fur coat.
I leave the door ajar so there is a slight breeze. Don't like to leave the back door open because there are foxes & cats in the area and I can't be there all the time.

Hope you have a lovely day whatever you decide to do.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gerald McEachern said...

Knowing what to write is knowing. Is it about you or is it about 'the other'? We're all trapped inside our own minds to a greater or lesser extent. Is this reflection or a conundrum? Or the beginnings of art...? As for the writing, you have a nice, relaxed style.