Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What not to do...

I tried to sit here and function without having a cup of coffee, but my mind refused to move out of neutral while I kept revving the engine with the hand break on. That sounds awfully complicated and I don't even know if that's technically possible. I always used to drive an automatic and that's a long time ago. 

Maybe I should add: don't try this at home unsupervised.

Well anyway, I do have a very strong cup of coffee now and it's made me as alert as I can get. It's making my toes curl in their socks and I don't know if I wanted the effect to be quite that hefty. I accidentally made the coffee quite a bit stronger than I had intended. Now I'm stuck with the consequences. It's always feast or famine here.

I've already been asleep, but I woke up in a sweat. My T-shirt was sticking to my chest. I was not aware of having done anything strenuous during my sleep, nor had I been having any bad dreams, so I'll blame it on hormones. I must have some errant ones coursing through my body. And then there are those thyroid hormones I take every day. No doubt there are ups and downs all day and night. 

There is the matter of there being no rest for the wicked and when I can't sleep, I think I must be very wicked indeed. Especially when I wake up in a sweat because is that not the sign of a guilty conscience? Maybe I was very badly behaved in a former life and it's come to haunt me now. It would be helpful if I knew what sins I committed just to avoid the pitfalls. 

I did nothing of interest all day. The most exciting thing I did was make a shopping list so the Exfactor could do the groceries. And the shopping list was very boring because every food on there was very bland to take into account the state of my stomach. I did find out that vanilla pudding agrees with it well. This led to an over consumption of it and I still feel very full. I feel like a sloth. Isn't slothfulness a deadly sin? 

I must make myself go back to bed. Even wicked people need their sleep. I've got an appointment with my therapist in the morning. I must be well rested for it.

I wish you a good night.


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CorvusCorax12 said...

well i'm glad the coffee did the trick , although with curled toes lol
Pretty quiet day here too :)