Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Moodiness and coffee...

For some reason I woke up at a normal time this morning. I mean that I woke up at a time when other people do also. I didn't stay in bed until almost noon. This was so unusual, that I hardly knew what to do with myself, but I was wide awake. I hardly needed any coffee to get myself together either, I was quite capable of functioning on my own.

Needless to say, the dog and I went out for an early walk and that was quite pleasant because the weather was beautiful while there was still dew on the grass. We took a longer walk and took twice as long to take it because the dog had to sniff literally everywhere. It must have been because all the scents were fresh and new. So we dawdled a lot and took our time going home.

Once home again, I did little jobs to keep myself busy and out of trouble. I needed to keep myself occupied. As a consequence, I did every bit of laundry that I could find in the apartment and then some. If there was the remotest chance that something was dirty, it went in the washing machine until it was full and I could run it. 

Luckily, at one point the Exfactor showed up and I thought that would provide some diversion. However, all he wanted to do was tell me which films he showed and how many he changed in a night and how many he put together and took apart. No matter which subject I broached, it came back down to that. I'm having some serious doubts about him. 

Anyway, I sent him on his way with a shopping list and that went fine. He never forgets anything, but when he came back I was seriously yawning. I don't know if that was because of the conversation we'd had or because of the lack of sleep. 

After I unloaded the groceries and had one more cup of coffee with the Exfactor, I went to bed to take a nap and slept the whole afternoon. I woke up somewhat befuddled and in need of coffee, which I made immediately. I thought I was going to be in a very bad mood, but now that I've had the coffee, I'm in much better shape.

I haven't watched the news yet and I have no idea of what's going on in the world today. I feel badly informed and am going to have to watch the 8 o'clock news. I do know that Italy and Spain are paying too much interest on their debts. I did catch that on the radio. At this rate, we're going to be lending money to Italy too. It's a doomsday scenario. 

First I've got to take the dog for a walk. Dark clouds are moving in and it wouldn't surprise me if we got a rain shower. 

Have a nice evening.


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VioletSky said...

My whole day gets out of kilter if I wake up and begin any activities early. Although, it is rather pleasant in the early morning - a much better time to start your day than noon. (which is when I usually get up, too!)