Monday, August 29, 2011

No zombies here...

I had planned to take an afternoon nap, but when I laid in bed willing myself to go to sleep, I realized that I was not really all that tired and that falling asleep was not on the program. I was much too alert for a good slumber, so I got up and made myself a pot of coffee. At least it would straighten out my brain and help me write a blog post.

The coffee tastes very good and is doing wonders for my thinking capacities. Whatever cobwebs may have been hiding in the nooks and crannies of my mind are pretty much gone now, yet I feel mellow enough to sit here with all the peacefulness that I long for. I've got the best of two worlds and I'm going to enjoy this moment extra much and for as long as I can.

The domestic help has been here and cleaned the apartment and for a change I was not burdened by her presence. That has to do with my own attitude and nothing she did differently. I'm just more relaxed now and not so on edge and impatient. I don't feel like my space is being invaded and can share it easier with someone else. 

That's all due to the tranquilizers that allow the best in me to come out. It's a great relief. I'm not a dull person because of them. On the contrary, I undertake much more. I'm more animated and more industrious, but very calm and contend. 

I have to get used to me being this way. I still have a tendency to get worried that I'll get stressed in a situation, but then I remember that I won't be and relax again. It's a very pleasant way to exist.

I've got to watch the news now. It's already started. I must stay well informed. 

Have a good evening all of you.


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Gail said...

Glad your day was good.