Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting out on the right side of my bed...

Despite the relative early hour of the morning, I find myself awake now and more then willing and able to start the day. I had planned on sleeping much later than this and I'm pleasantly surprised that my brain, in all its nooks and crannies, has so few cobwebs in it and is so alert already. 

I certainly don't begrudge myself this state of mind and can only welcome it and hope it means that I will have a good Monday. Isn't that funny? Here it is the first day of the week and I'm in a terrific mood and eager to start the day. That's a totally new development. Maybe I'm entering a new stage in my life. One in which I will like weekdays. 

Ha ha, just the thought of it! That would be new and exciting. It would give my life a whole different outlook. I would love it if I could learn to like weekdays. Imagine having the whole weekend to look forward to them and then getting to enjoy them for five whole days. That would be something. It would be too good to be true. 

The dog is sound asleep on the area rug behind me. He's used to me getting up much later, so he's not ready to go for a walk. He will be mighty surprised when I take him in a little while. Some rain is predicted for this morning, so I have to go before it starts. Without meaning to rush, I end up having to anyway. I thought I had lots of time. Clouds are moving in already. 

I hope you'll all have a glorious day. 




Twain12 said...

i hope you have one too :)

Bernie said...

Did you manage to get your walk in before the rain? We are having beautiful weather, the nicest so far this summer and I am loving it. Went out with friends on their boat yesterday and did get a sunburn, am off to Weight Watchers tonight, my weight is staying off really well. Hope your day was as wonderful as you are.....:-)Hugs