Friday, January 30, 2009

Even though...

Even though I am sitting here writing another post, you have to promise to read the one from last night, because I think it is one of my finer ones. Sometimes I am very lucid and clearheaded and last night was such a time while I wrote it.

I went to bed late and got up early, so I probably did not get enough sleep, so that will mean an appointment with the sofa later today. It's okay. As long as I stick to my schedule pretty much, there is time for a nap and I did get some cleaning done yesterday, under which were the desk and the book case and the dresser and I moved everything off before I cleaned them with Pledge and a cloth. Then I rearranged some plants, meaning I moved plants to places where they did better and then walked to the flower shop and bought a new plant for the dining table, of which I forgot to ask the name and which I now find impossible to discover on any of my searches. It looks most like an ivy and has small, almost succulent leaves. I know that I now will obsessively search for the name of this plant that only cost me 4 Euros.

The Pledge made the surfaces of everything shine and reflects the items that stand on them back to me. It looks so clean. Especially on the black painted wood. If I could only keep it that way. Well, I could, I would just have to dust more seriously more often. And buy more Pledge. I could become a spokeswoman for the company. Let's see if my Google ads change any and reflect my adoration to the product.

The Überhund was a little unruly a while ago. He ate breakfast and had his bone a while later, so I left him out back for a bit and that seems to have done the trick, because now he is sound asleep on his blanket. I'm not ready yet to go out in the cold and freezing temperatures, besides, it's still dark out and it feels like nighttime. In another 45 minutes it will be light and then it will be soon enough to go out there.

I sure am looking forward to the springtime when the sun will be up early and the day will start properly with birdsong. It will be a joy to go outside without having to bundle up and to just wear a sweater or a cardigan. The best part will be watching all the green things pop up out of the ground. Just think, January is almost over and done with, there is hope already.

I'm an optimist, aren't I? I can just ignore February and March when the weather can be so bad. I'll just pretend it isn't happening and ignore whatever foul weather there is and think it is an aberration of nature. That way it won't seem so bad. I just hope to God that there is no other snowstorm, because there is almost nothing romantic about 6 inches of snow on the ground.

I wish I could slow down the time in springtime and not have it go by as quickly as it normally does. I would like to savor every moment. It all seems to go by too fast. It is as if nature is competing in a race and suddenly it is summer and everything is green and blooming and blossoming and there is an abundance of foliage and flowers. It seems to happen without me being consciously enough aware of it and I must pay better attention this year. I must be very aware of each moment and stop and look around me and take in all there is to see. Why does life go by so quickly when you get older?

I know that last year I was very preoccupied. A lot of the details of life went right past me. It was high summer by the time I had a chance to look around me. I wonder how many of those moments I will be reliving this year? I know it will happen, but I want to not let it become a preoccupation. More than anything I want it to be my springtime in which I discover my world with me in it alone in the sunshine under the blue skies.

Well, the Überhund is seriously awake now and that means I have to get dressed and brave the elements. It's just below freezing outside. I have to pick out what I am going to wear today and will have a serious look in my closet. Hopefully I will be inspired and come up with something really good. I must, because the Exfactor is coming over for coffee later today and I always want to look good so he'll know what he is missing. Hee, hee.

Have a good day, everyone.



Connie Rose said...

Have a great Friday -- I'm just going to bed on Thursday night!
You're a hoot, wanting to make the Ex know what he's missing. In thinking back over the past year that I've been following your blog, I have to say you're a mighty courageous woman to have gone through all that you did and have such an upbeat attitude about your life, now. You're a star, Irene!

Maggie May said...

You have certainly grown in confidence, Irene. I think you are managing very well on your own. In fact it is better to be on your own & coping than to be with somebody & not!

it is dismal, dull. drizzly & dank here today. My day off!

Bev said...

You seem to be enjoying your life, and living well.

There are so many things to enjoy, especially at this time of year.

John said...

The pledge part is so hilarious.

Spring sprang sprung.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh January's nearly past, can Spring be far behind?
i could use some Pledge.

aims said...

I read your previous post last night and smiled but didn't leave a comment.

Today's post? I don't know Irene - it might be a bigger winner than last night's!

You are an inspiration to so many. Do you know that?

To say that you must take the time to stop and look at what is happening to the world around you- to not miss out on spring and the grass growing - to appreciate your life every single second. We all need to do that. And we all certainly need to get the dusting done!

Now - look around you today. Even the snow can be beautiful. It quiets the earth and is a blanket. It emphasizes how lovely it is to be inside where it's warm looking at it. Especially when it is falling from the sky. A good season too - but in a much different way. The earth would be so thirsty at the beginning of spring - before it rains - without the melting snow to give it a small drink.

Happy day to you my friend.

laurie said...

i knwo exactly what you mean about wanting to slow down spring. i wish May were twice as long as it is.