Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning.

I am sitting in my sister's house while she is at the fitness studio and her kids are watching TV. The sun is brightly shining on the snow on the field and if you didn't know better, you'd think it was warm outside. It is still cold, however, but in a few days the snow may melt and we'll be able to see the streets again and the sidewalks, which is fine with me, because it is treacherous to ride your bike now, except for on the bigger roads that have been cleaned. I walk my bike on the slippery streets and get on on the clean streets, as I don't want to fall over and break anything. 

I am sad to say that today is boring Sunday. I was up early and now it seems that the day is lasting forever. I do have all sorts of housework to do, but you know my rule about that on Sundays. I did the dishes and will do a load of laundry, but I need to wash the floors and I am so not in the mood for that. 

The maintenance men from the housing corporation tracked in dirt when they came by to do maintenance to the apartment last week. They replaced all the hardware on the doors and fixed one kitchen cabinet door and replaced the shower head and hose, so now I've got a nice new adjustable one. They also fixed the toilet tank from which the water kept running. If I run into any other problems, I can call them and they will be there in a jiffy, but they do make a mess. 

I am sitting here without my reading glasses and it is kind of a pain having these great glasses now for seeing well far away. One eye is -3, but that doesn't help much for seeing up close and I really need my reading glasses when I sit behind the computer, but I forget to bring them when I come here, I am guessing at some of the words that I type and I assume the right letters are showing up. 

The Uberhund is such a happy dog since I have switched food. He now spends his days content and satisfied and not begging for treats. The cats are very much interested in his food and all crowd around when I put it in his dish and try to eat it when it is still on the kitchen counter. I let them have a little bit, but the majority goes to the Uberhund who eats it in one fell swoop. 

People in the Netherlands are skating all over the place, on every lake and canal and bit of water that is frozen over. The stores are constantly running out of skates to sell, the suppliers can't keep up with the demand. Three times as many people are being brought into the emergency rooms with broken bones and dislocated limbs, but everybody is very happy and a skating fever has broken out all over the country. 

Well, that's all for now. Not much to report, not much inspiration, not much time to write in either, because I am not in my own house and always feel rushed when I am here. 

Soon I will be writing from my own trusty computer again. Just a few more days. 

Have a great day, people. 

Much love, Me.


Elaine said...

I think you're handling your lack of internet connection so well, Irene. If I were you, I'd be tearing my hair out.

Stay warm and accident free, and I hope you're back blogging from the comfort of your own home very soon. Have a lovely day. x

Maggie May said...

You will look back on this time as an adventure and you certainly seem to be keeping very calm about it all.
Glad the Uberhund likes his favourite food and that he has got his way. LOL
It is slightly thawing here, too, but it is much too cold for my liking.
Are you going to get a pair of skates then, Irene? You might get along the canals very fast that way!

'Bye for now! X

Bev said...

Nothing wrong with having a boring Sunday. Having one myself.

I have just been to the shops to buy pots of spring bulbs such as tuilps and daffodils to cheer up the back room, and we have just bought a wooly rug everyonbe is sitting on.

Thinking about the Gaza situation and Frances, perhaps on a demo as we speak. We are lucky to live in the countries we do wtih all our safety and comforts.

Love the snow. Great for the kids. They don't see much of it nowadays. Probably a good sign in the global warming thingy as our winters have been unnaturally mild for years. People should just be sensible and not go out, though obviously I have sympathy for people who have actually broken limbs.(lol)

Mean Mom said...

It's kind of your sister to let you have access to the computer, whilst you are having problems.

We had lots of lovely sun, here, this morning, but, by the time we went out for a walk this afternoon, it was dull. It is a bit warmer, though, and it was good to have some exercise without freezing to death.

Glad that your dog is enjoying his new food.

VioletSky said...

I love the idea of skating on the canals much more than the cold reality.

You are sounding rather calm with this internet problem, but it is great that you have a substitute to work on. Haven't noticed any glaring mistakes so your instinctual typing must be very good!

Breakfast in California said...

I'm glad you're wearing your boots when you go out, warmth and safety trump style at this time of year. Save your slinky shoes for spring.

We're having wind off the desert, so very dry and our hair is electric.

When you write about skating, I think of Hans Brinker.

Hope you have your internet connection back soon. Stay warm!

Wisewebwoman said...

You re coping very well with the lack of your computer, Irene. I would be demented.
Snow is always better to look out at. We have a huge pile here, it only looks pretty before the plows and traffic dirty it all up!
Stay warm and safe!

The Artful Eye said...

There is nothing like a boring Sunday. Restful, contemplative do nothing time.

I love skating. I'd probably break some bones if I put my skates on today. I refuse to give them up hoping one day I'll give them a whirl without a hitch.

Stay warm, don't worry, be happy.

Best regards.

Frances said...

keep off those skates. LOL
glad you are managing to do a bit of blogging despite the tech problems

Lane said...

Won't be long now Irene. Take care on that ice. x

John said...

My dutch friends spoke so fondly of skating on frozen canals - there was an excitement in their eyes and even I could imagine the beauty of the countryside and also the communal spirit of a people celebrating winter and their good health.

Then the crazy orange hats at speed skating ring international competitions.

Miss ya.

Grit said...

lovely to hear what's happening over there with you! keep on posting as you can, it is always appreciated. i used to dread sundays when i was growing up. now i love them. i think i'm older.

erica said...

It sounds like the wintermornings I remember from my youth. Enjoy -everything will fall into place; you sound as if you are coping admirably well. Stay strong!

Maureen said...

I caught one of our cats eating the dog's dry food the other day; she hissed at me when I shooed her away! Crazy feline!

So glad you are still able to connect with us all!

Maureen said...

Ah yes, canal skating. We have a 9 km trail along our river; it's the longest skating trail in Canada! (although I haven't laced up my skates in decades!!!)

Anonymous said...