Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still hanging in there.

The Internet frustration has not been solved yet. I seems that providers can allow thenselves up to two weeks to get the modem and the letter with the activating code and password to you. Don't ask me why this is so. I don't call this customer service. By being the pest that I am, I found out that the letter has not been send yet and that is really all I need, because I already have the modem from the old membership we had with them. By being very persistant, I have somebody at the company sending me a copy of the letter that should get here sooner than the original letter. 

I feel like I am sort of sneaky and pestering customer who won't take no for an answer, because they keep a record of how often you call and aren't afraid to let you know that they do this, but there is a good egg in the bunch here and there who is willing to stick out his or her neck. Thank god for good eggs. If they weren't so anonymous, I'd send them a fruit basket. They are probably breaking the rules. Another guy said, that if I didn't have the letter by Monday, he would give me the activating code and password over the phone then, but of course, I also need the email details to set up my new accounts. 

Oh well, this is getting boring, but it consumes a large part of my waking hours. It's a case of how to out smart the internet company and all the snotty young brats that work there.

I have fallen three times in the snow. I hit a slippery spot and down I go. All three times I've landed on my right wrist and right knee with a bloody knee as a result twice. Now I have finally gotten wise and put on my hiking boots, which means I can walk very steadily with big steps and also have much warmer feet. I have to tell you that vanity prevented me from doing this untill now, but this morning I thought, vanity can get you into the hospital with a broken limb.  I thought that as I laid right in the middle of an intersecrion where I had fallen while crossing the street when I was walking the Uberhund, who is no help at all.

I could be laying there suffering from the most terrible of wounds and he would just go on sniffing the bushes and not give a hoot about what I was doing on the ground. He is a very careless creature. He does not show enough empathy for his owner.

This morning the liberating phonecall from Specsavers came to tell me that my new glasses were ready. What a relief, it only took them 2 weeks. I sped over there by bus, as much as you can speed in a city bus, and walked on the snowy ground to the downtown area. All I can say is, it was cold. There is not much sunshine in the narrow streets and you feel chilled to the bone. 

At Specsavers, they did a very decent job at fitting my glasses properly and I am much happier with these. They look more like the very first pair I ever had, only a little bigger. The problem with the other pair was, that they were too narrow and at certain angles I could look right over them, defeating the purpose. But I also did not like their rectangular shape and I like these rounder glasses better. I told the man at Specsavers that I tried the funky look, but that it just wasn't me. 

It wouldn't have been a real downtown outing if I had not gone to my favoritw store, but I didn't by one single item of clothing. Common sense prevailed and every time I saw something I liked, I thought of something similar like it that I had at home. I did buy on necklace, but they are exceptions to the rule. 

Then I went to Cafe Monopole and had a nice cappuccino with a chocolate and a cookie and tried to decide if I wanted a second one, because I was sitting on the terrace right by the space heater and I wasn't all that cold. I decided against it when I considered the coffee I could have for free at home and the fact that I had to go there to walk the Uberhund.

Always, when I am on my way home, my bladder decides that it needs to be emptied and the closer to home I get, the more urgent it becomes, until I am at my frontdoor, practically peeing my pants. Isn't that always the way it goes? Near accidents always happen while the Uberhund tries to greet me enthusiastically. I've got my legs crossed trying to make it into the bathroom, while he jumps up at me and I say, Yes, you are a good dog, but not now.

Well, that's all the fun I have to report for today. I and my clunky hiking boots are going to walk home now and gave a good cup of decaf. I just had an espresso that my sister made for me and it was very good, but now I need something to slow me down again. 

There is only a Dutch spell check on here, for some reason, so any mistakes in the text are purely my own fault. 

Have a great day, maybe I will be here tomorrow. Take good care of yourselves. 



Bev said...

Be very careful when out walking because people do have accidents. As the Uber is (and I'm sure he won't mind me saying this)something of an aged hound I'm sure he won't mind it if you give it a miss for a few days.

As they don't grit the school playground very well two people I know had accidents, and one was put out of action for a long time -so take care!

You see quite a few people round here just veturing to the gate and then thinking better of it.

I mean this quite seriously - if you are short of the essentials you are proficient with the internet and shops will do home deliveries.

Still you show pluck in braving the weather but discretion is often the better part of valour!

Stinking Billy said...

irene, you are going through a rough patch in more ways than one, but never mind, sweetheart, the good news is that we got your Christmas card yesterday! All the others had just been binned, so yours has the mantlepiece all to itself. We thank you very, very much, and have noted your address for next Christmas. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

To hell with vanity, Irene, dress safely you had several warning falls, you must take care of yourself.
I've fallen a few times when out walking my dogs over the years and they have never ever shown the slightest bit of concern, one actually ran away up a hill to peek at me from a distance as if I were some kind of lunatic.
I guess they're telling us to be more careful.

Mean Mom said...

I do get afraid of falling in this icy weather and go very carefully. If there is a risk of you falling again, I agree with Bev - you should stay at home. Do look after yourself and I hope that your internet is sorted out soon.

Grit said...

your determination and dogged pursuit is inspirational to me, when i feel so many times like giving up! keep going, irene!

Maggie May said...

I would hate to fall on hard ground and risk breaking something at my age, so I am afraid that good sensible shoes are a must and fashion doesn't come into it. Take care on the snowy roads.

I am so pleased to hear from you again. Hope the internet gets coupled up soon.

I also go to Spec Savers! They must be all over the place!

Glad you are still a feisty lady and that you haven't let things get you down. Keep ringing & making a nuisance of yourself to the service provider.

Hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible. 0X0

laurie said...

i got new glasses today too! and yes, you need boots in the snow, dear.

Anonymous said...

Be careful when you are walking in the snow and ice! Forget vanity, some day I will tell you about my broken knee caps from slipping on ice. After that incident (and surgery) I always wear sturdy boots. It is not worth it.

I'm so glad you got your new glasses. Be sure and post a new photo when you can.

Don't think of yourself being a pest with the internet people. You deserve good service. Your paying for it.

You have been in my thoughts.
Take care and stay warm.

VioletSky said...

Here's to a woman who knows how to get what she wants!

But, seriously, when it is that cold and snowy, most people do not care, nor do they even notice what you are wearing. Unless it something silly.

Be safe.

Maureen said...

Well since I practically live in my running shoes, I have a firm grip on the ice during the winter.

Be careful; we don't want to read any stories of hospital visits!