Thursday, January 08, 2009

Encore et bis.

My nephew has been kind enough to let me use the Mac while he uses the laptop, which I really appreciate, because I don't like using the laptop. It's that screwy thumb pad that confuses me. It feels alien to my biggest digit and I need a mouse in my hand. He's a good kid for going along with the program and letting me have the most convenient device. 

So far, 2009 seems to be a not so really great year when it comes to getting things done that I badly want to get done. I picked out new glasses nearly two weeks ago and they aren't done yet when they should have been done last Monday. I think I better not have too much anticipation for things to happen and instead aquire a lot of patience and just learn to wait for things to come in their own sweet time. Maybe this is the year I'm supposed to learn to be patient and this is all a test. 

For some strange reason, my sister and I have been taking the dogs out at noontime, in the snow and in the cold, and I don't for the life of me know why we do this. It was my sister's idea and I, like a dummy, went along with it and now we are making it a habit. The snow is soft and crunchy and cold and the temperatures aren't much to write home about either. You need warm clothes, so I wear two pairs of leggings and my sister wears snow boots. The Uberhund makes yellow snow all over the place. My sister's dog doesn't, because he has been neutered. 

The dogs seem to like the snow, for some reason, and the Uberhund keeps sticking his nose into deep piles of it. He seems to think there are unmentionables down in there that he doesn't want me to know about. He is a very secretive dog in the snow. 

This is just going to be a shorty post, because I miss being in my own apartment and having my cup of decaf and my cigarettes and having the Uberhund and the cats around. I am a creature of habit, after all. While I was gone to therapy one morning, the cat door froze shut with a cat outside and the cat tore the door open to get inside, so now it's broken. There is just a hole there. Poor cat, being so desperate to get inside.

Have a good night. I'll talk to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for all of your comments. You guys are sweet. 




Maggie May said...

Macs are GREAT! aren't they?
Glad you are getting on with your blogging at your nephews.. Hope you get you own service provider sorted soon.

I expect that the glasses got held up because of Christmas. Not long now.

I think the walk at midday will be very good for you all.

It is good to have you back even if it is a shortened version! X

Babaloo said...

We've got Macs, too! Love them. :)

Your cat door is broken? Isn't it getting a bit cold inside now?

Hope your internet gets sorted soon. Patience, dear Irene! ;-)

VioletSky said...

Well, you have been missed!

A noon walk is a great thing. And at least there are distractions, just in case...

Baby Island said...

Lord Love a Duck, what kind of cat do you have?? I mean my naughty little cat knocks a glass of water over from time to time, but tearing through a cat door? Thats awesome cat power and desire to be warm!!

You've just motivated and inspired a post.. Gotta write, missed you MUAH

laurie said...

hey, the scrolling pad on the laptop> here's a secret: just use two fingertips and you can scroll. very easy.

noontime walks in the snow with dogs sounds nice.

Jill of All Trades said...

Glad you're finding a way to post.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for letting me know you were fine, Irene.
All will be sorted soon. Keep the techfaith.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, "He is a very secretive dog in the snow". Who else could write that. You are nothing if not original, my pet. ;-) x

John said...



Maureen said...

Hah! Poor cat, but good to know she was able to resolve her problem... ;)

Yes, dogs in snow. Ours tunnels into it when it's not TOO cold out. Right now it is too frigid to play; she goes out and right back in again.

Glad to hear you have a way to connect. Hope your system at home is up and running again real soon.

among found objects said...

stinky poo internet providers. its an international thing. hope you get your habbits back up and running soon. in the mean time, good thing for family.

CC said...

What a kitty you have; I had a dog chew and claw through a metal grate in a door to get out of the laundry room he closed himself into, but my cats have never been that determined to do anything.

Hope you are up and running at home soon, miss ya.

Mean Mom said...

Sorry about your internet. Frustrating, particularly at this time of year, when it's freezing cold outside. I love walking in warm weather, but it's not much fun, when you risk frostbite. It doesn't seem to do much for my aches and pains, either.

2 of our 3 cats would also rip the cat flap out of the wall, if stuck on the side where they didn't want to be - either in or out!

softinthehead said...

Keep on blogging Irene, we miss you when your not here :)