Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday at the end.

Well, not quite. There is still an evening of television watching ahead of me inside a warm and cozy apartment with the Überhund at my feet and hopefully I will not have to take him out again, although I think we will have to go and make one more pit stop. He has just had his dinner, so doubtlessly there will be some reaction to that. I will have to dress warmly, because that low pressure system has brought a cold wind with it and it is very unpleasant outside.

I noticed that especially when I rode my bike to the store this afternoon. The wind whipped my shopping bag like a kite through the air. I especially went to get milk, but had made a list and, of course, ended up buying more things and they were all heavy and bulky. I happened to meet my sister at the check out stand and she asked me if I was really going to take all those things home with me on my bike. I nodded like a pro and said that I would stow most of it in my bike bags and then she looked at me with amazement when I picked up the very heavy grocery bag. I guess I have developed some muscles. I am not a wimpy woman.

Then I proceeded to sleep most of the afternoon and this was after I told you that I don't do that anymore. Well, I guess I was wrong and I slept on the sofa, being interrupted once by a phone call which I answered incoherently. I had no words in my sleepy head and my friend Lucien must have thought I was very uncommunicative. Timing is everything in life.

I have just watched the news and the subjects don't change much from one night to the other. The economic crisis is always one of the first items, but it doesn't hurt me much, because financially I am already at the bottom of the ladder and managing okay. I make it each month and that is the most important thing. I don't have much to loose, so I don't worry about it too much. The new president of the United States will be a news item for a long time to come, as he has been for a while. Then it is internal politics with our own politicians making their own dumb mistakes and having to publicly own up to them and not being able too hide behind anyone. I like tough journalism and exposure. Especially when you have the government coalition you didn't choose for, nor did many other Dutch people.

I just signed up to receive a weekly TV Guide so that I will know what interesting programs there are to watch instead of stumbling upon them. If I am going to be watching more television, I want to do it right and plan my evenings and weekends well. This guide I have ordered does a good job of highlighting the special programs and giving background information on them. There is also good information about movies and foreign channels.

I've got to go now and clean up the kitchen a little bit and see if the Überhund wants to go out. Bravely I will enter into the cold evening air. Brrr. It will be better than having to get up early tomorrow morning when it is expected to rain.

Have a good night everyone.



Breakfast in California said...

So glad you're online again. We had a bit of rain today, but not enough for the drops to run together on the patio. Stay warm!

Maggie May said...

Your life seems cosy! Love your description of the normal things you do.
It has rained here on & off all day & seems set to rain all weekend.
Hope I am wrong.

Wisewebwoman said...

Good on you and the bike with the baggage.
Most of our days are very ordinary, Irene, sometimes with one or two uplifts.
You describe them beautifully!

Maureen said...

Wow, you are strong. Some days I can barely carry my bags to THE CAR, nevermind cycling home with them all!