Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The work...

I worked with someone yesterday who was completely relaxed and at ease with the job which made doing the work a lot of fun and all of it was a breeze and the morning went by very quickly. This made me realize that the people I had worked with so far had all been very stressed and uptight, putting pressure where no pressure was necessary. Knowing this now, I will approach these situations differently and try to influence them with my own approach.. It will take some assertiveness and diplomacy but I will see it through. There's no need to run around like chickens with our heads cut off as if a calamity is going to take place if we aren't running ahead of schedule by at least half an hour.

The nice thing about walking with Tyke is that he dawdles a lot but that I let him. This makes the walk last twice as long and forces me to slow down, especially when I'm having what I think is a busy day. When I'm rushed, he makes me slow down to a different pace and really forces me to take that little hour to do nothing but walk slowly and observe my surroundings in a very lazy manner. I very quickly feel all of me start to relax and I know that whatever I have left to do can darn well wait. That dog really fits my personality. Tyke always makes me take the time for a cuddle or a hug or a good romp with the tennis ball. There are lots of little times out during the entire day but the walks are the really good ones.. 

I wore a dress for a change yesterday and I think people were surprised to see that I had legs which so far had been covered by skinny jeans. I hadn't worn that dress in a while and it almost was too big but because of the design that wasn't obvious. The drawback about losing weight is that your clothes get too big and if they are supposed to be tight fitting this is a bit of a problem. I appreciate the few pieces of clothing I have that fit loosely as long as they don't look like potato sacks around my thinned down frame.

Eating is going well. I haven't had a major uproar in two days and that is because I'm getting smarter about the food I eat. I'm experiencing more meals when I just feel very comfortable afterwards and that is such a nice pleasure for a change. .It took a while for me for the reality of the situation to really sink in and get absolutely serious and strict about the lactose but I've got it down to a science now. You'd be surprised at how many foods have some sort of milk product as an ingredient in it. A lot of foods too that you would not expect it of which means you very innocently buy it and end up having to take it back to the store with your receipt for your money back. 

I have to go back to bed now and sleep a few more hours. I have to go grocery shopping this morning and I'm expecting the Exfactor for a cup of coffee and to put a new bell on the handle bars of my bike. I'm meeting a friend downtown later and we're going to shop and eat lunch at an outdoor cafe.

Have a good day you all.


Rudee said...

Sometimes our colleagues can be wonderful. Consider yourself blessed to work with this one!

Rob-bear said...

Learning to relax when you work, and when you're not working. This is all very good, Irene.

Maggie May said...

I'm feeling more relaxed just by reading this, Irene.
Hope everything about your day will go well today.
It is a bit cooler here.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

You continue to astonish.



Friko said...

Dear irene,

I have just caught up on more than a month's worth of post and I can't believe how well you are doing. Well done, you, I am delighted. This blog is being written by a completely different person.

Congratulations and my best wishes for the future.