Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carrying water to the sea...

Lately I have been feeling a greater need to write blog posts and whenever I'm facing a longer stretch of time when I have nothing else to do, I take advantage of that opportunity. My life may have gotten a little bit busier but it's not so filled yet that I don't have empty periods when I have nothing better to do. With some luck and effort I will bring a change to that, and with even more luck I will start to sleep better, but untill that time I can indulge myself and sit here and write down my not all that important thoughts.

Today is the day that we go voting for the political party of our choice and at the same time determine who our prime minister will be. It's a close race between a party to the right and one to the left and everything is up in the air and very suspenseful. Lots of important issues are at stake and these elections really count for a lot. We've watched numerous debates and have been bombarded with analyses and we are probably the most informed voting public in the world.. Yet the outcome can't be predicted.

I told you that I had bought a very special dog food for Tyke because he needs to eat healthy and lose some weight. I was very strict with him yesterday and refused to give him anything else but the kibbles in his bowl no matter how much he begged for other food. Finally, at the end of the day he gave up and ate everything in his bowl and apparently liked it. It was just a question of me being more stubborn than he was and me being able to ignore his antics. He did put on quite a drama. The cat is so much easier to satisfy although they are sipposed to be so finicky.

Of the two pairs of skinny jeans I bought, I very quickly picked one pair as my favorite. When I first got a look at them, they seemed impossibly small and I could not imagine being able to fit in them. I haven't gotten used to me being this skinny. When I tried them on, I thought I'd never be able to show myself in public in them but now I wear them all the time and they get more comfortable each time I wear them. I do have to admit to some vanity but I'm sure I'm forgiven that. A person can't be totally perfect all the time after all.

Now that I do the grocery shopping myself, I'm able to choose which products I want to use because I can compare prices and the relative quality. The Exfactor always picked the cheapest item but it wasn't always what I was happiest with. Very often I do want the better and more expensive product, especially if it's on sale. But I hate to be nitpicky about a Euro and do want to spend the extra money if that means that something will taste better or do a better job. I'm trying a new and better washing powder and hopefully my expectations will not be dashed. Now I can't wait to do a load of laundry.

After trying several brands of soup, I've found one brand that is really the best and I eat it with much pleasure and the least amount of stomach upset. I didn't have my glasses on to read the list of ingredients but maybe it has the least additives. I ate two bowls of the Chunky Chinese Chicken and was satisfied and full. I've also got Chunky Vegetable and Spicy Mustard to try. Yes, I do lead an adventurous culinairy life but when you live alone, you want the least amount of bother when it comes to fixing food.

I've got to try and get one more hour of sleep before I get ready and dressed to walk Tyke and go to the voting place. When I lived in the States all those years, I was never able ro vote because I was not a citizen but now I am glad I was not and that I'm able to vote here. I get so much satisfaction out of it.


Rob-bear said...

What a remarkable tale you tell about the changes in your life. So wonderful to hear about that. Right down to the "skinny jeans" and the good soup.

I hope election day goes well. it's still Sept. 11 over here.

Wisewebwoman said...

It fills my heart to bursting to know you are making it on your own!

VioletSky said...

Yay for grocery shopping!
Now that I have given up trying to penny pinch, I enjoy it so much more and have found that it is often worth paying that little bit extra for more taste.
but, "Spicy Mustard" soup??

Maggie May said...

It is wonderful to read of the success you are making of your life these days.

Had to laugh at the fussy doggie story.
It really is usually the cats that turn their noses up. Dogs normally gulp anything down.

I shall be interested to hear about the Netherlands Vote! As I said before..... May the best person win!
Maggie X

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