Sunday, September 09, 2012

Skip to the beat...

I worked again this morning and to my great relief my feet have stopped hurting so much from all the walking around I do. It must have been a beginner's problem that is now abating. I am also getting very good at riding my bike to the clinic at the other side of town and am hardly out of breath when I get there even though it's up hill a bit. All of this must mean that I'm quickly getting into better shape and that, as I go along, my stamina is improving.

At my age that is a good thing and I'm planning on getting physically more competent as I get older. I will not go challenges out of the way. I do always want to go that extra mile and push myself just a little bit further. I don't know yet what I'm capable of and I don't think I am of any amazing feats but it will be more than I give myself credit for now. It is true that I always manage better than I had expected.

Today I took the cookie tin and removed all the broken cookies and ate those. That way I took care of the state of the tin and satisfied my longing for cookies. I'm not so much on a diet that I can't perform such an unselfish act. All the supplies in the little kitchen off the communal living room are refilled by the household team. The volunteers never have to worry about running out of anything and if we do, all we have to do is give a shout. The cookies appear as if by magic in the cabinets as does everything else. 

This morning I had to take the priest around to all the different rooms and ask the patients if they wanted to take communion before I let him into their rooms. Most of the patients did but there were some who absolutely didn't want to. The priest wore a white robe and had a large cross hanging on his chest and, despite his young age, looked quite impressive. Little did he know that I was an atheist but I didn't tell him that. He seemed so sincere. I have to take the priest around every Sunday that I work. Maybe God is doing his work in one of his mysterious ways. 

The beautiful analogue alarm clock I got from my sister for my birthday stopped working and I had to dive into the trash bag to retrieve the old one that still worked. It was necessary because I can't always be sure if I'll wake up on time in the morning without it. I usually do but you'll just see that I won't when I have to be somewhere on time. I don't think I'll sleep soundly if I think I'll oversleep. I don't do a very good job of sleeping anyway now without the sleeping pills. I just sort of slumber and take cat naps. Still, I function during the day and don't get into any bike accidents or major mishaps. 

Maybe this life is all a dream...

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Rob-bear said...

Well, if this is all a dream, it is a wonderful dream.

Glad to hear that your body is becoming more accustomed to your regimen. This business about physical fitness (physical fits?) has its benefits!

Blessings, Bear hugs, and chocolate!