Sunday, September 16, 2012

A wonderful day...

The day I spent yesterday with my American ex-husband turned out to be a very nice one and neither one of us wanted it to end. We really enjoyed each other's company and it was no effort at all because being together came completely natural. We spent most of the day downtown walking all over the place admiring all the old architecture and doing lots of window shopping, and at regular intervals we sat down at an outdoor cafĂ© for something to eat or drink and people watch. 

We also spent time at my apartment and Tyke fell in love with him at first sight and the feeling was mutual. Those two bonded immediately and had lots of fun playing together. My ex always was very good with little kids and animals. They gravitate towards him. 

I didn't eat anything that was bad for me yesterday and was able to enjoy a regular sized lunch without running into any problems. I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure that was. The food was all high quality food with no additives or hidden ingredients in it at all. I'm getting very food wise and will remember every place where I've eaten without a problem and every meal that has settled well so I can do it over again. 

When I was out and had a cup of coffee, I drank it black so I would not have to use the creamer which is milk based. It turned out not to be all that bad to drink my coffee black as long as it was a well made cup which you do get here in the cafes. And let's face it, when you're out and about, you do need a pick me up every now and then. At home I've reached that point that I no longer mind the taste of the soy milk in my coffee and have come to like it.

Today I have to go and help my nephew celebrate his 18th birthday which makes him officially a young adult although we have been treating him like that for a while. He stopped being a kid some time ago. He's very tall and towers above me but still bends down and gives me a hug when I see him.

I slept fantastically well last night and didn't wake up once until it was truly morning and I went to bed on time too. I hardly remember falling asleep, that's how tired I was.

Now it's time to get the day started.  It will be another wonderful one.

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Maggie May said...

Every time I read one of your posts, I see that things have got better & better. It is wonderful.
Enjoy today. (It is wet, cool & murky here!) Hope you are doing better than that in the Netherlands.
Maggie X

Nuts in May