Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Thursday already...

I have started drinking my coffee black because I have to tell you that drinking it with the soy milk wasn't really that much of a success. I didn't really like the way it made the coffee taste. I even bought some vanilla flavored soy milk in the hopes that it would add something extra but that was even worse. It really didn't taste like a cup of coffee then anymore at all and that really wasn't the purpose of the experiment.

So black coffee it is and I don't mind that so very much at all. At least I can still drink coffee because I thought I was doomed to have to go without. Can you imagine me without caffeine in me and being able to function well? I do have to say that I make the coffee a little bit weaker bacause it turned out that I made a heck of a strong cup. That had not been so obvious when I still drank it with milk in it. 

I made one heck of a mistake the other day. I bought some digestives that said on the label that they might have traces of milk in them. I thought that was so vague that it was worth the chance to try them and I ate five of them. Well, to make a long story short, I suffered from the effects of that for two days so I learned my lesson well. I should not even ignore a vague warning.

I'm working a lot nowadays and getting properly tired and sleeping well as a result of that. I think the very relaxing walke with Tyke also help though. I don't have very many boring moments anymore and if I do, I look for something to keep me busy.

Riding my bike has become such a breeze.I used to get bothered about going up an incline and now I don't even think about it anymore but just pedal a little harder. Distances don't make a difference either. Things that seemed far away before now are easy and quick to reach. I don't worry about the traffic and weave my way in and out. Everything becomes a routine if you do it often enough and your body does become trained. I'm sure I'll only get in better shape as time passes. 

It's time to eat the first half of my breakfast. I can't eat enough all at once and I have to eat the second half an hour later. That does make for a very exciting morning.


VioletSky said...

So, you make "a heck of a strong coffee"? Why does that not surprise me!!

You are keeping yourself very active and busy and I enjoyed reading your last few posts that sounded so very positive and happy.

Wisewebwoman said...

Try as I might I can't seem to handle black coffee and like you, I adore my coffee.

Almond milk would work, it does for me.