Saturday, September 08, 2012

and a bright blue sky...

I did my own grocery shopping the other day and I enjoyed it so much that I fired the Exfactor from always doing the job for me. I've become such an expert at riding my bike that there's no excuse not to ride it everywhere and the grocery store is really close by. Now that I've stopped drinking all those liters of milk, those don't need to be hauled around any more and that certainly simplifies things. There's no longer any danger of toppling over on the bike when I go around the corner of the street. 

I had forgotten how much fun it is to simply wander through the grocery store from one end to the other and look at everything even if I have a shopping list that I have to stick to. I sure as heck get a good idea of all the stuff that is on sale and what the possibilities are to expand my diet. When you are restricted to some extend, it is nice to get inspired by seeing the alternative foods that are available and that may be worth trying also. 

I also found out that at the counter where they sell the cigarettes and the tobacco, they also sell stamps for all the regions of the world so it's not necesarry to go to the little post office and stand in line like you always have to. That's a major convenience for impatient people. This was something the Exfactor knew about but had neglected to tell me. I always felt sorry for him when I wanted stamps because I thought he had to stand in line. 

It's much better to take care of your own stuff and not be dependent on someone else. That's the whole purpose of being an emancipated human being. It's to be self sufficient as much as possible. That doesn't mean that I don't want the Exfactor's help. It just means I'm going to ask it for things that I really can't manage on my own. I'm sure I'll think of something. Oh yes, like patching my bicycle tires. Now that's a job I'd hate to do on my own. 

I had to work this morning and was up bright and early. I think that's really my favorite time of the day, although to tell you the truth, I like any time of the day and there really is no bad moment. I do like taking Tyke out first thing when it's still nippy outside when the sun has just come up. He won't eat until he's been for his first walk so it's necessary that we get that done. 

I like to be up a couple of hours before I have to leave for work and have enough time to get the day properly started. I'd hate to have to rush and feel that I was running behind myself. I wake up before the alarm clock goes off and setting it is really more of a formality. It's for the very odd chance that I do oversleep. 

Work went fine and I'm getting to be an old hand at it now. I'm even remembering which beverage some people prefer and how they take their coffee. Today I listened to someone tell a story from long ago in dialect and I understood every word of it. I thought that was noteworthy. Now, if I could only speak it. 

I got my voter's pass in the mail and I'm all set for next Wednesday. The smug liberal party is so sure of a victory. I'd like to wipe that smile of their face. I hope for a landslide victory of my party but it's going to be close. I've been watching the debates on television and am glad that there's been a ban on outright lying and that they're called on it. Only the honest politicians play a fair game and those are not necessarily the ones who win. . 

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Maggie May said...

You are going from strength to strength and it really is a joy to read all these victories!!!
May the best man win the election, whoever that might be. I'm sure your vote will make all the difference!
Maggie X

Nuts in May