Sunday, September 30, 2012

And then it was the end of the weekend...

My second pan of vegetable soup improved much in taste when I added a good dash of black pepper and a generous helping of herbs from the Provence. It definitely made it a more flavorful soup to eat and the aroma that wafted up to my nose was much more pleasant too. 

I find great pleasure in slicing and dicing the vegetables with which I am generous and of which I always put in extra and chunky too. I take my time doing this job and really, why should I rush through it? The whole process can be very meditative and relaxing. 

I double the recipe and use the biggest pan I have and it's enormous but at the rate I eat soup, it has to be. Later this week I'm going to make onion soup and lentil soup. I don't know which one I'm looking forward to eating most. Both of them will be fun to fix. 

I've given Tyke extra attention and cuddles and hugs and he's returning back to normal. On Saturday, he kept molesting Gandhi but he's starting to act more like a gentleman now. No doubt he wanted to reaffirm hs position in the hierarchy. I'm happy to say that I'm still the alpha dog. 

A very good long time friend of mine from California is going to be visiting me for two weeks soon.  It will be a good incentive to quit smoking because she has asthma and can't be around smokers. I will quit as soon as I've finished the last package of tobacco and air out the apartment really well.

My friend will be flying into Brussels airport and I'm taking the train from Maastricht to pick her up there. I booked my round trip ticket on line today and printed it out also. It has three security codes on it to make it fraude proof. I was smart enough to also print the schedule of the trip there and back so I know at which stations to change trains.

I've got exciting times ahead of me but now it's time to go to bed. 


VioletSky said...

Wow - visitors from the States and a trip to Brussels and Houston!

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm out of breath catching up with you!

Delighted to hear your friend is staying. I hope all will be well and who knows maybe this time you'll quit!!


Rob-bear said...

Making soup! Soup makes a wonderful winter meal, so we're getting into practice now. So many interesting possibilities.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend.

Maggie May said...

I've a feeling that you will *make it* this time giving up smoking because you are in such a positive state of mind.
Maggie X

Nuts in May


We share a love of soup! I am anticipating making vegetable soup this week.
I noticed last week when I made it in a big iron dutch oven that it picked up an iron taste. COuld be the tomatoes. Not sure but t his time I'll be using a big enamel soup pot or my stainless steel dutch oven.
I put in as many vegetables as I can find. I have a nice piece of beef in the freezer already cooked and will add that. Thanks for getting me back into the soup mood.
BLessings. Enjoy your friend. SOunds delightful.