Friday, September 21, 2012

How to make soup...

The food I always enjoy the most, and that agrees with my stomach the best too, is any kind of chunky soup. I could eat it for any meal because it is the most satisfying and filling and causes me the least amount of bother. I buy the best brand of soup that is truly packed with the best ingredients but it is a little expensive. For that reason I've decided to start making my own soup and yesterday I looked up a recipe that seemed appealing for lentil soup. 

There were a lot of recipes for it and they all had some sort of magic ingredient that made them different from each other but the one I picked out seems easy to make and has red curry paste in it. That really appeals to my taste buds and I can already imagine the taste of it now. It is a vegetarian recipe but I imagine that for the flavor you could easily add some sort of meat to it. I do have to think about getting enough protein now that I'm completely off milk products and the foods that contain them.

If this soup turns out to be a success, I'll look up recipes for other soups and seriously start making them. It will be a fun activity because the truth is that I do enjoy cooking when I have a good reason to. In another life I used to give dinner parties and they were quite successful.

I may get bit by the cooking bug all over again and start enjoying this necessary hobby as much as I used to. It's especially crucial now that I'm limited in what I can eat so it's a challenge to fix the foods that I can and fix the most nutritious ones. I walked by the seafood section in the supermarket the other day and did see lots of interesting things that made my eyes light up. And of course there was fresh herring on sale. 

I have to go grocery shopping this morning and it will be a treat to get the ingredients for the soup. I'll rediscover the produce section of the store all over again because I don't hang out there very much so it will be a journey into a new realm. 

I was supposed to have met my friend downtown earlier this week but she got sick and had to cancel so I'm meeting her there later this morning instead. We both have a couple of errands to run so no doubt we will fill our time well but hopefully still have time to sit and have a coffee at an outdoor cafe. It's not been a real visit downtown if you haven't done that.


Wisewebwoman said...

There is no end to this new life of yours. I am overjoyed!


Carole said...

Good luck with soup. My favourite is pea and ham. You just cook up a ham hock or some ham bones in lots of water and add dried split peas. Boil it away for ages. When the meat is cooked pull it out and take the good meat off the bone and put it back in the soup. All you need then is some seasoning - simple and yummy. Cheers