Thursday, September 13, 2012

The suspense is killing me...

As of last night. it was a neck to neck race as to which political party had won the elections and I'm not ready yet to turn on the television for an eventual outcome. I know it will still not be the final one and that it will possibly upset me so I'm going to wait for a while longer until I watch the news. We used to vote electronically but then it was thought that this was open to fraud and now we have to vote on paper again with a red pencil so the outcome is known a little later. It does keep everything fraught with suspense.

I'm sleeping a lot better, thank goodness. My psychiatrist was kind enough to prescribe sleeping pills for me and they make all the difference in the world. When you have been sleeping very badly, it is a huge relief to get a good night's sleep. I wake up so refreshed and renewed and ready to start the day. I think I will be functioning even better during the day and I was already doing pretty good. Tyke is getting used to me being asleep during the night and has stopped expecting me to be up in the wee hours.

I've washed a load of laundry in the new washing powder and to my great pleasure, the laundry smells very good as it hangs on the drying rack in the bathroom. That is an added benefit that I was not expecting but you know how I am about nice smells. I do adore them. As a result of that, I'm going to wash a lot of the clothes that I wear regularly so they will all smell good. Besides, doing laundry is one of my favorite jobs and I don't need to get my arm twisted to do it. 

The toaster is turning out to be a godsend because toast is easier for me to eat than fresh bread so I do get my vitamins and fiber in. I've been eating it with clover honey and that does taste very nice and makes me feel virtuous as if I'm doing a good deed.  I can easily eat four pieces of toast and not have a stomach upset. The chunky vegetable soup is agreeing with me the most and two bowls of it settle in my stomach quite nicely. It's such a wondrous thing to be able to eat normally. I sure suffered like a fool long enough.

I've got to work today and afterwards go to the Hema to exchange the alarm clock I got for my birthday that doesn't work well. I'm more than ready to go to work because it's been a couple of days since I have. It's always fun to walk around for a whole morning with a smile on your face and feel appreciated. 


Rob-bear said...

You're very fortunate, Irene. When I take sleeping medication along with everything else, it really messes me up. But I'm glad to know you are sleeping well, so this is good news.

Hope you've had a good day at work.

Rob-bear said...
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Maggie May said...

Hope you have a good day at work and I'm hoping that you will listen to the news soon and find out if your party won!
Wonder if it will be mentioned on our news? So far I don't think it has.
There is a chill to the air this morning.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

VioletSky said...

Our last few elections have been called far too soon into the ballot counting (which shocked the heck out of the whole country for the most recent one, 2 yrs ago).
I am so pleased that you are enjoying your work and looking forward to each day there.