Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On a rainy Tuesday...

I've taken everything that was dairy related out of the refrigerator and either threw it away or gave it to the Exfactor this morning. When I went grocery shopping, I bought soy milk to put in my coffee because the liquid creamer I had was made of milk. I am now getting used to the way the coffee tastes with the soy milk but it isn't too bad and I think I will survive it. There are too many benefits to not using milk products so I have to completely ban them from my diet. Already my eczema is clearing up. 

I bought biological honey to put on my toast and I've found a spot on the counter to permanently leave the toaster out. I can now eat toast whenever I want and Tyke likes it too. He was a little suspicious of the honey at first because he never had that before but his desire to eat everything overcame his reluctance. 

I'm trying a new dog food because Tyke weighs 17 kilos and according to the vet he has to lose three. I'm going to have to be very careful about how much he eats and how nutritious it is for him. Right now he is on strike and he won't eat the new dogfood but I won't give him anything else. I did spend some money on it and made sure it was a good brand because nothing is too good for Tyke. He's like my little kid after all.

I'm supposed to go to the pharmacy to pick up a supply of medicines but it's been raining all afternoon and it doesn't look as if it's going to ease up. I guess that at some point I'll just have to get on my bike and go and  not get too bothered about getting wet. It won't leave permanent scars and I won't get a horrible disease from it. When you get right down to it, rain is pretty harmless. It's a benign sort of assault. 

The Exfactor raised the handlebars on my bike so I won't sit so bent over and lean on my arms too much. It had been bothering me all along but just today I thought to ask him to fix that. Luckily he had the right tool to do it. It will be fun to try out my bike in a little while. It will be a stately ride. I will look like the queen on her best horse. 

It has stopped raining and I will put on my coat and make a run for it. I've pumped up my tires extra hard and gain amazing speeds. No doubt I'll get a speeding ticket soon. 


Rob-bear said...

Great changes just keep happening in your life!

If I weren't so accustomed to cheese, I would probably get all the dairy out of my life too. I'm already drinking soy milk. Though I may switch to almond.

And those raised handlebars will make life on your bike-riding much more comfortable.

Given Tyke's condition, you've got lots of reasons to go for walks.

Thanks for sharing the news.

Carole said...

Love the image of you riding around town like the Queen! Cheers

VioletSky said...

i never did get used to soy milk, so I learned to drink my coffee black.
I hope you waved properly to your admirers as you rode the streets of town.