Thursday, September 06, 2012

Have another cup of coffee...

I sit here at the end of the evening trying to decide if it's time to go to bed or if it's more enjoyable to write a post and I think the latter is what I really want to do. There is, after all, lots of time to sleep and the night will last long enough to get the amount of sleep I need, which isn't very much. Now that my sleep is no longer drug induced, it lasts much shorter and it is much lighter and I'm awake again and ready to start the day for no reason at all.

After I told you that my jeans were sliding down my hips because I had lost weight, I ordered two pairs of new ones in a smaller size and I'm happy to report that those fit just fine and make me feel like a million bucks. I'm planning on not losing any more weight because, of course, I can't keep buying new clothes and there does have to come an end to how skinny I get. I do have to keep looking normal. 

On Monday morning I went to the hospital and had my gastric band emptied out just a little bit so that I can eat just a bit more comfortably and will stop losing weight. Just a little bit of the content was removed. I think it was just a half a unit, as much as was added the last time it was filled. 

The radiologist said that I should notice the difference within four weeks and the first two days I noticed no change at all when I ate and I had the same amount of discomfort. Today, however, I could eat without discomfort and with a lot of pleasure. There was almost no pain and not the awful lot of burping that I usually do. I suppose things have really opened up and shifted into place. 

I have been eating simple sandwiches without the crusts and chunky soups. I find that those are very filling and nutritious and don't upset my gastric system. Now that I'm off the milk and milk products, I no longer am bloated and a victim of gas. It makes a huge difference. It's probably the best change in my diet I made ever. 

On the days that I don't have to go to my volunteer job, and if the weather permits, I go for numerous walks with Tyke whenever the mood strikes me. He thinks it's great and is always ready to go. I really need another volunteer job to fill the rest of the empty hours and I'm thinking of becoming involved politically. That's especially on my mind right now because we have elections next week and the campaigns are going on heatedly. I'm drenched in politics and can't wait to vote. 

I know which political party I'm going to vote for and they happen to do well in the polls. It would please me tremendously if they won and provided the prime minister because he's a man I can believe in. I appreciate his points of view and the more I find out about him, the better I like him. Regardless of if they win, that's the party I want to get active for locally and will join. 

I suppose I will call it a day and go in search og my bed now. 


VioletSky said...

Milk has never been kind to my poor body, so I can understand how you would feel less bloated, etc. But it must have been a difficult adjustment - it always seemed you were drinking a glass of milk!

I hope your election victory party goes better than the one in Quebec last night, where a gunman tied to shoot the new premier.

Rob-bear said...

Glad to hear of your improvement in many areas, Irene. And getting involved politically is a good thing. Helps you stay informed.

Maggie May said...

Glad you are continuing to improve in every way. You are doing tremendously well and I'm so pleased to hear it.
Hoping *your* party gets voted in.
Maggie X

Nuts in Mayh

CorvusCorax12 said...

glad it helped..getting involved is a good thing. I'm trying to fund something that interest me, still looking :)