Saturday, September 15, 2012

A lunch date...

I was gobsmacked when I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from my first American ex-husband who turned out to be in the country doing business in a town about an hour's drive from here. I had not heard from him since the holidays last year so it was really a surprise to hear his voice. To make a long story short, he is driving down here in the morning and we will be spending the day together and bringing each other up to date about our lives. I think it's wonderful because I genuinely do enjoy seeing him and spending time in his company. We're always on our best behavior when we do meet. 

My other ex-husband, the Exfactor, did me a big favor yesterday and went to the Hema and bought the suitcase that I had seen there but had been unable to get because I couldn't bring it home on my bike. I'm going to need that suitcase when I go to see my daughter over the holidays. It's a very sturdy one on wheels that can be pulled along with a retractable handle. I think it is more than big enough for all the things I want to bring with me and that will include some typical Dutch foods to satisfy my daughter and grandson with. 

After looking at several websites of worthy causes, and feeling compassion but also unease at all of them, I decided to become a supporter of Unicef and at the same time also sign up to become a volunteer. I think that just about fills up my agenda of activities and I hope it isn't too much but I do want to spend as much spare time as I can doing useful and interesting things. I do hate an afternoon that is wasted doing nothing and doing the dishes doesn't count as a useful activity. 

 I made the mistake yesterday of eating bread that had lactose in it. I didn't realize that when I did but I certainly suffered the effects of it immediately. Then I read the fine print of the lable. It is very obvious that with everything I buy and eat I have to find out exactly what the ingredients are because the consequenxes aren't pretty. There doesn't have to be that much of the offending ingredient either. I can't handle any of it. 

The good thing is that my eczema is clearing up and I'm not itching nearly as much as I used to. On my ears it has completely disappeared. I'm also not allergic to the metal band of my watch anymore and my earrings don't bother me either. 

I've got to go sleep for a few more hours. Tyke woke me up because he had to go out back for a piddle but now he's snoring on the sofa. 

Life is but a dream.


Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely to be civilized and on your best behaviour.

Rob-bear said...

I hope you have a fine time with your American ex-husband.

I understand what you mean about having to be careful about what you eat. But you are making progress in other areas.

Any word on how the election turned out?

Carole said...

Have a lovely lunch. Cheers

Gail said...

Have a wonderful day.

I'm sure he will be impressed with your great improvements.