Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Later in the week.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who left a kind comment on my last post. It really helps to know that you were all thinking about us at this time.

We've been taking care of all sorts of details and I'm happy to say that my niece is now pulling herself together and carrying her weight to the best of her ability. We support her as well as we can and her husband is a great guy and worth his weight in gold.

We certainly get to know each other very well under these circumstances and because of the occasional stress, it isn't always our best side. Luckily, we instantly forgive each other and remember to have compassion. There will be no grudges carried and if anything is left unsaid, it will be talked about at a later date.

Erica and do do other things every day but sit and cocern ourselves with the business of taking care of all the details and being a support for our niece. Yesterday morning we went shopping and in the evening we had dinner with some friends of hers. It is very nice to have these diversions because otherwise we'd go mad with the intensity of it all.

The Exfactor is taking care of Tyke and took him to his house where everything is going well except that his cat is awfully angry at him and won't come inside. I'm sure the Exfactor will be forgiven once Tyke is gone again.


CorvusCorax12 said...

Glad you all have each other to lean on, it is very important. Hugs ♥

Wisewebwoman said...

You do not walk alone Irene, lean on all who love you, including me.



Anonymous said...

There are so many details to deal with, but it's so important to take care of yourself at a time like this - glad to hear that you and Erica are able to do that. Glad also that your niece and her husband are now able to help out - and that Tyke is being well-looked after too! xoxo

Maggie May said...

I'm pleased everything is working our well even down to the Exfactor taking Tyke.
Hope you feel back to normal very soon.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

Glad to know that things are going well, or as well as an be expected, Irene.

Blessings and Bear hugs to all.