Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the middle of the night...

I have become incredibly dull in the middle of the night since I've stopped taking the tranquilizers before I go to sleep. I no longer have the emotional highs that helped me write, what I thought, were interesting blog posts. Nor do I get an enormous kick out of caffeine anymore. It helps me think, but it doesn't help me think of anything brilliant. 

I'm thrown back on myself and have to use my own imagination. Unfortunately, that seems to be lacking a lot. I sit here for a long time during the night and try to think of things to write about and find it hard to come up with stuff that's the least bit fascinating. There's no bottomless well to dip into, there 's just a very shallow puddle. And it gets muddy. 

I don't mind sitting here in the middle of the night wasting time behind the computer. That's about as pleasant as it can get. I do mind writing dull posts. In my stubbornness I'm determined to do something about it, but I wonder if I'm even capable of it. I worry that I don't have an original thought left in my head or that I'm so inhibited that I'm incapable of expressing it. 

Well, that's enough philosophizing and I'll get down to the regular business of daily life. That's maybe worth a mention also, although nothing earth shattering happened. It does help you keep both feet on the ground and that's not a bad thing either. It's always good to stay in touch with Mother Earth. 

Yesterday was a pleasant enough day. The weather was beautiful, so there was nothing wrong with that. It truly was like an Indian Summer out there and will be for the rest of the week. That's thrown a wrench in the works for me because I was ready for colder weather and warmer clothes and my winter coat. I did like the crispness in the air we had been having and the cool wind that had been blowing. 

The nights are clear and starry skied, although not as much as on that painting by Vincent van Gogh.  I wonder what wonderful sky he saw when he painted that and what sort of a state of mind he found himself in? 

I dutifully walked the dog when it was time and did my chores. There weren't that many because I had taken care of most of them during the week. It is a nice thing to find yourself caught up on everything. The most important thing was to change the bed so I would have a clean one to take my afternoon nap in. And to do the laundry, of course. 

I made a pan of tomato soup with vermicelli for dinner and shared some with the dog who licked his bowl very clean. It was very good and filling and satisfied my longing for something hearty. I really felt like eating two pork chops but since I'm a vegetarian that's not possible. I just meant to tell you that this vegetarian sometimes longs for meat. Sometimes I would like a T-bone steak with ketchup. 

Since there was nothing much exciting on TV, I went to bed early and got cozy under the duvet. Saturday night is not the most interesting time to watch television. There's light entertainment on. Taggart doesn't come on until after midnight and that's too late for me.

I hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday.



Twain12 said...

i don't find you are dull at all, maybe you just need to give it some time to change your perception about your writing and on the other hand if you feel like just writing one sentence that that is all right too.How do you feel like over all without your tranquilizer ? if you feel good than that is all that matters . Have a good Sunday.

Maggie May said...

Saturday nights TV over here seems to be very boring too.

We are having that lovely weather too, though it did try & drizzle with rain this morning. It is now really lovely & not cold at all.
Long may it last. I love to see & feel the sun.

Your posts are always interesting, Nora.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

You are yet to write a boring post my dear, always so interesting. The tranqs will make a difference your body is adjusting and so is your mind.
I re-started my knitting, can you believe. I took boxes and boxes of my old movie collection out of daughter's basement and now I have something to watch. I can watch some of them over and over and never get tired of them. Always some good old TV series never get boring for me - i.e. the original Forsyte Saga.