Sunday, September 11, 2011

Being less greedy...

I've found out tonight that drinking coffee from a small cup is really a good idea. I had to grab the smaller cup because all the bigger mugs are dirty and I haven't washed the dishes yet. I'm being lazy and wasn't planning on doing them until today. 

So I had to grab the small cup and drink my coffee from it and come to find out, it really is better because now I finish my coffee before it gets a chance to get cold, so obviously, this is exactly the amount of coffee I should be drinking all at once. 

I had gotten greedy and started thinking like an American in that bigger must be better, so more must be also, not realizing that I was half the time drinking cold coffee or tossing out the bottom third. 

Besides, big mugs have really become the rigmarole over here and it's hard to find a little one. I think you have to make a special effort to. 

I think I will now make it a point not to ask other people to buy me coffee mugs as a present, but to always be on the look out for cups that are on the small size myself.

That is on the rare occasions that I enter a store which sells household goods, which is rarely. I really have to go out of my way to do that. I lack an enormous amount of curiosity and money to go do that. 

I know that if I enter one, there will be all sorts of things that I'll want to buy. The displays will be enticing and my natural woman's instinct to want to spend money will immediately jump to the surface.

Since I'm the keeper of the finances, and solely responsible for them, I know which money can be spend and it can't go to frivolous things. There can be no self indulgence. 

Besides, I'm trying to make my life less cluttered and for each item that would enter it, something else would have to go. I also don't want any knick knacks. They would just clutter the place up and be more things to dust and keep in place. 

As it is now, I have to remove obsolete make up from the bathroom shelf because I'm probably never going to use it. I put it there in the hope that I would feel so feminine one day that I would, but it's a lost cause. 

I'm not going to use blusher or nail polish or lipstick, no matter which color it is in, so they can all go in my make up bag, which in itself is really obsolete. I never use any of the make up and the mascara will dry up one of these days and I'll end up having to toss it out.

It will be a fine day when I've taken several trash bags and have gone through the apartment and have gotten rid of things that I no longer have a need for. That will be a very liberating thing to do. One of these days the mood will strike me. 

Have a great Sunday!



Connie Rose said...

It IS immensely liberating to get rid of stuff you don't need any longer. It leaves room for you to become who you're evolving into because you're not holding on to who you used to be. Hope you've had a great weekend! xo

Maggie May said...

Do you have second hand charity shops in the Netherlands? I often see small sized cups/mugs in that kind of shop.
Glad the storm didn't come to anything much, here, and it started heading north so maybe you won't get bad weather after all.
Hope your weekend was good.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

VioletSky said...

i didn't really drink coffee before I moved to Holland and learned to love it. I also got used to those small cups. So tiny. When I came back to Canada, I remember going into shock at my first cup of coffee at a cafe!! I still prefer small cups/mugs for all the reasons you list. I have certain tea cups that I use only for coffee. (Which means I have rather a lot of clutter I need to pare down, too!)