Sunday, September 04, 2011


Okay, so I saw my psychiatrist on Friday and he didn't tell me to quit whining and get on with my life, but he may just as well have because that's how I interpreted what he did say to me. That's the message I came away with. He also said that the tranquilizers didn't discriminate between emotions and didn't just eliminate the unpleasant ones, but also the pleasant ones.

I left the office with a lot on my mind and the first thing I did was stop taking the tranquilizers during the day because I did want to feel whatever pleasant feelings I had. I don't miss them one bit and am not going through any kind of withdrawal. I still take them at night with my sleeping pill to help me sleep, though I'd like to quit them altogether. 

I spent the rest of my free time thinking about things a lot and I realized that I don't spend enough time living in the moment. I'm constantly anxiously thinking ahead of time and worrying about all the things I'm supposed to take care of and dreading them. I don't live in the 'here and now.'

I'm now making an effort to do that and to constantly call myself back to the present moment and to not worry about the things that are supposed to happen. I could keel over from a heart attack and all I will have done is worry about  what I was supposed to have done and not enjoyed the moment I was living in.

I also realized that the person who had been in charge of my life lately was my 'frightened child' and that all my actions and reactions and emotions were coming from this entity. You can't let a frightened child be in charge of your life. All will come to naught and the whole thing will turn into a disaster. 

What I had to do was let my 'sensible adult' be in charge of my life and let that person make the decisions and react to the different circumstances. I do have a very well developed sensible adult in me, but I had acted like I didn't and had regressed to the frightened child and let her run the show in the hope that someone would come along and rescue it.

I realize now that I don't need to get rescued and that my sensible adult is quite capable of taking care of things so now, all day long, I'm posing this question to myself: who's in charge here? Once I find out who is, I make sure that the sensible adult takes the lead. 

Sometimes I have a happy child who's more in the foreground. I do give that person some space and let her enjoy herself while at the same time satisfying my adult curiosity. There's room for both, but there's no room for a frightened child, although it does need to be soothed every once in a while. It does get scared, but is not allowed to be in charge. 

So Friday and Saturday were big learning moments and I made huge steps in the right direction. Once you understand the mechanism, you can make the changes necessary. It's also important to know what triggered the frightened child to come to the surface. I'm starting to learn to lay the link now, but let's just say that she came to the surface an awful lot. I was almost constantly frightened. 

Learning to live in the 'now' is a real challenge and one that I constantly have to remind myself to do, although at times I'm so relaxed and caught up in something enjoyable that it happens automatically. But it's something I'm going to need to work at. It won't happen overnight. I have to learn to mindfully hang up the laundry, for example. And to mindfully sit in my armchair. 

When I do this, I realize how many aches and pains I have in my body that I'm not normally aware of. I also get a headache that's like a migraine and one sided like the ones I used to get when I was a kid.

I'm seeing my psychiatrist again on Monday, but I will be seeing him with a whole different attitude. He will not see a tearful victim of circumstances who is wishing for a 'happy pill.' He will see someone who's taken charge of her life. Timing is everything in life and he said the right thing at the right time and I don't even remember exactly what it was. It's what I came away with that counts.

That's enough of a long ramble and explanation. I will stop now and save the rest for another time. I'm sure I will do more philosophizing. 

I hope you're all having a great night and a good weekend. 



Twain12 said...

living in the now can be challenging if you are not accustomed to it, i know this well. I wish you success with it ♥

Maggie May said...

Sorry that you felt he was saying you were whinging but I'm certain he didn't mean it that way.
I agree that all tranquillisers and tablets that alter the mood must dampen down your enjoyment as well as the bad things.

One thing that I have felt since being on strong painkillers is that it flattens out the bad and good and takes away enthusiasm & dampens down creativity.

Of course if one has to have them then thats the price you pay....... as I am finding.

Living for the moment comes under the heading of *Mindfulness* and there is a lot to be said for reading books on that.
I am having to do it & it isn't easy.
Good Luck with it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

FlowerLady said...

Living in each moment that we are blessed with is hard for most of us as life does tend to send us curve balls, plus we have all the mundane things that make up our lives. But living in each moment and finding the joy that is there is liberating. It takes us away from the negative and gives us hope. It makes us stronger. God is the giver of all these moments and to Him I am very thankful.

Love and hugs to you Nora.


Exmoorjane said...

Oh last Blogger is letting me comment! Thank feck for that. yes,yes, yes, to the moment... a friend of mine who's a shrink once said the most useful thing in the world to me: "how are you RIGHT NOW?" and the answer is usually, well, okay-ish...but it's a sure-fire way to avoid anxiety/future related fears because generally one IS alright. Depression is something else though but that too can respond to the present...but really it's the blind leading the blind here.. I slumped badly yesterday and am still down there, trying so hard to come up...
but I'm glad you're not taking the day meds...when happy moments are few and far between, we need to hang onto those we have!
Yeah, let sensible adult get in there but glad playful child has a look-in too....I constantly have this tug of war between grown up and child...not sure it ever ends. Anyhow, I'm rambling...just to say that I hear you and *get* you... jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gail said...

I think...of course, I do know nothing, so remember that...seperating yourself into individuals ia not a good thing. You are a blend of all of those traits, they are not people, they are simply parts of you.