Sunday, June 24, 2012

A 'normal' post...

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night with a cup of coffee and a cigarette waiting to get tired enough so I can go back to bed. Of course, the coffee will keep me awake, so I better switch to a glass of milk. I felt obligated to drink what was left in the coffee pot, but of course I don't have to. I'm still in charge here and I can pour the contents of my coffee cup down the drain. That's easy enough. 

I've made up the bed in the guest room with my duvet and pillows and bed linens and started sleeping there because I like that room better than the room I was sleeping in. I never did get used to that big room as my bedroom. I always felt a bit lost in there and I think the dog didn't feel as comfortable there either. 

Now I have the pleasure of sleeping on a new mattress in a room I like better and I'm happy with the change. The mattress is much better than my old one and is much kinder to my body. I wake up without aches and pains in the morning. 

The dog sleeps on the floor beside the bed because there's carpet in that room and he even ignores his pillow that's also available. At least he doesn't sleep on top of me on the bed anymore and I do appreciate the extra space. The cat still likes to get on the bed, but she's just a little thing and doesn't take up much room. 

I had taken a lot of personal items out of that bedroom, but now I feel like making it cozier again and I'm thinking of ways to do that without making it look too cluttered. I also don't want it to turn into a dust trap. There's a fine line between adding some well placed items and putting down too much.

I have taken two valerian tablets and feel myself getting mellow. I've only got a few left and I think it's time to invest in some Dr Vogel natural sleep remedy tablets. I'll have to investigate online and see what's available.It may be a natural product, but I still want to know if it's sensible to use and how to use it. 

My sister and I are supposed to go to a street festival tomorrow, but I heard on the weather forecast that it's going to rain a lot. We're still waiting for summer to happen and it's almost July. At least we're not in danger of having a heatwave.



Wisewebwoman said...

I remember using NoDoze when working late and later to keep awake.

I don't thing I've ever used anything for sleeping apart from the accident results of too much booze in my active alcoholism. :(

I guess I am lucky I could sleep on a clothesline.


Rob-bear said...

Glad you're taking over what you want for a bedroom. They're your rooms; why not sleep in the one which feels best? And even your critters seek to be doing OK with the move.

When I first moved here, I had my bed in an east-west orientation. Nothing seemed right. Then I moved the bed to a north-south orientation, still in the same room. And everything was grand. I don't understand it, but that's what happened. My doctor suggested the change, based on an old study, which I remembered from my psychology studies (once doctor mentioned it). Strange, indeed.

And yes a "normal" post — with you and your coffee.

I hope you did have a good sleep.

Maggie May said...

They say *a change is as good as a rest* so I think it does you good to have a little change in your surroundings and its good to know what you want.

Are we going to get a summer this year? If so, it isn't here.
I wonder if the Valerian tablets would help my sleeping difficulties?
Maggie X

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