Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm putting together a slightly different instruction booklet to how I'm put together now which is different than how I was put together untill just yesterday. A change has taken place that I'm adjusting to and I'm in the process of getting used to myself. I suppose this adjustment will not happen overnight and will take some getting used to. I learn things about this new me as I go along and try not to be intimidated. Change is not bad and this comes from me who always saw security in things being the same and predictable.I now find that I'm willing to stick out my neck and embrace change. 

I must have reached a point in my life when a sudden spurt of inner growth is taking place. Maybe I have, unbeknown to me, reached a mile stone that is important. I'm ready to throw off some luggage and continue on my way less heavily packed. I've thrown overboard some notions that I thought I was sure of and am starting to take on a few new ones that weigh less. It's not a big chore to do this. It's happening almost as if by itself. 

I do have to guide myself in this process somewhat and give myself emotional support. and courage. When the going gets a little rough, I tell myself to hang in there, but many times the going is a pleasure. It's a journey of discovery. It's interesting to find out how I feel about things now that I have this different attitude. I find that I look at things in a new light and have actually changed my mind about a lot of them. I feel less restricted by negative emotions and more free to feel all embracing ones. More free to have emotions at all. 

That's what I need to get used to -  having emtions that cover the whole range. That's not easy when you're used to being cooped up in a little square box. I suppose that now my emotions are all sorts of shapes and don't fit in there any longer. 

It's with some amount of curiosity that I look forward to the day to see what sort of new challenges and situations it will bring me to try myself out in. I will not go out of the way of anything because they will all be new learning experiences.



Connie Rose said...

How did things go with your therapist this week?

Carole said...

Wow, great post - and not about coffee either. Well done. Hope the week is a very positive one for you.

Rob-bear said...

Becoming accustomed to a whole bunch of emotions which seem new to you can take quite a bit of doing. But you have decided to take that on. Good for you!

Hence the new book on How the New Irene Is Put Together. YES!

And with Tyke's harness, you two have a new leash on life (so to speak).

Do you have any idea what triggered this "sudden spurt of inner growth"? If you can bottle it, I bet you would make a fortune selling it. And people would beat a path to your door.

Blessings and Bear hugs.