Thursday, January 05, 2012

Once more into the jungle...

I am deeply involved with a close family member's psychological problems and, although it is something I can not blog about freely, I do want to bring it to your attention because it's something that weighs heavily on my mind. It is a responsibilty that I don't take lightly and I realize how much depends on how well I deal with my involvement with this. I am called upon to be very wise and sensible and to think before I act and say anything lest I say the wrong thing or make the wrong move.

I wanted to paint this picture for you because I didn't want you to think that I just merrily skipped through life without a worry on my mind as I give the impression to. I have a tendency sometimes to be on the shallow side and not get into everything too deeply because of a sense of decorum. I can't give away too many secrets. Especially not when I blog about other people, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than I let on. 

I am able to help someone else because of my own experiences. I have had many hard lessons in life and learned a lot from them and no doubt still will. I can apply what I have learned and discovered to someone who hasn't quite gotten there yet but who is exploring desperately. I won't overstep my boundaries and think that I will take the place of a professional, that is not my intention. I will merely be a helper in that process and and another person making it more insightful. I do realize the importance of my role. 

I am sitting here getting mightily chilled because of the cold milk I am drinking. I have had my cups of coffee and I am more than lucid. 

I am in the process of learning to sleep at night without my sleep medication. I am doing pretty good so far. I do still get up for a few hours, but all in all I manage to get enough sleep. At least as much as I did when I was still taking it so it makes no difference. I don't sit here any longer in the middle of the night getting that high that I used to get and I am glad about that. It was an artificial high and I didn't really enjoy it. I much rather feel like myself.

It is really the dog who I need to train that I have to sleep through the night. He does insist on waking me up halfway through. Sometimes I manage to settle him down and sleep for another hour, but he usually manages to make enough of a pest of himself to get me up. I guess it is a habit that is going to die hard. I am going to have to apply some psychology to him. 

Have a good evening you all. 



CorvusCorax12 said...

I can fully understand how you feel...i don't share a lot either, specially when it comes to other people...i wish you luck and hope you can help , I'm sure you have a lot to offer.

Wisewebwoman said...

I would be well and truly in the grinder if my anonymity is broken due to my sharing maybe too much, Nora. So I respect what you are doing though I do advise you to offload maybe to your support team or some friend you trust implicitly as it can be dangerous to carry alone. I have learned from experience.

Bernie said...

Good for you, using your experiences to help others. Honestly Nora I have been doing this for many years and I have found that I receive more help than I ever could give. It is a joy to help others and comes back to us tenfold.....:-)Hugs

Maggie May said...

Sometimes, I think our experiences of difficulties come in mighty handy when it comes to offering a listening ear to other people. It helps us to be empathetic.
I also can't write about many things and it can be rather frustrating.
Hoping it all works out.
The storms are quiet now and people in many parts of Britain are starting to access & repair the damage.
Nite, Nora.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gail said...

Maybe removing the food and water after a certain hour would help the need to go out early.

I wish you well with your new adventure...maybe you should obtain a degree and do it professionally.