Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post haste...

Outside it is raining hard and it has been almost non stop all day. Whenever I think about taking the dog out for a walk, it starts raining again so he has only been able to go out back. He's not too enthused about it and doesn't really want to be outside. Neither does the cat who's been very cozily staying in all day. I think we are hibernating today. 

I'm glad it wasn't this weather yesterday when I had to go out twice. Once to go to my GP and once to go see my therapist and to go to the pharmacy. I would have been miserable on my bike if it had rained like this. I do always seem to get lucky and avoid the worst of the weather. It's usually on my days off that it rains so bad. 

I saw my GP for the stomach problems that I have been having for quite a while now. I can't eat or drink anything without it causing me trouble and I very often have a stomach ache or cramps. I thought it was more than high time that I had it looked at. For now she prescribed some medication that should start working in a couple of days time, but I have to see her again in two weeks. 

I also had to donate some blood to run some tests on and to also check my thyroid function which had not been done in two years. I was one year too late with that. It goes to show you that I don't go to the doctor enough. I kind of neglect that.

I had not seen my therapist in a long while and had to fill her in on the latest news. I did that in the shortest amount of  time possible without making it sound dramatic. The conclusion was the most important thing to tell. It's what lesson you learn from your experiences that counts. How much wisdom do you gain? 

I made an appointment with her for a month from now. I want to be self reliant and not be guided in every step of the process along the way. I think I should be my own support and inspiration.

I am well on my way to having figured out a lot of things now and I know that I can count on myself a lot when it comes to making decisions. I'm wiser than I thought I was. The wisdom just gets snowed under now and then by my sometimes fragile emotions, but less and less so. 

The seed of optimism is growing larger inside myself and taking up more room. It's hard to get around its presence anymore. It has taken on a life of its own and exists whether I want it too or not. It is an almost independent entity. Pretty soon I'll call it the tree of optimism. 

I think I have to take the dog out now. It has been dry for a while. I will have to take the chance.

Have a good day.



Maggie May said...

Hope your rain will soon back off.
We had rain on & off most of the day but luckily all the occasions that I had to go out, the sun came out and I kept dry!
Its good that you are so optimistic. Wish I had more of it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

CorvusCorax12 said...

just cold rain, no snow, just a sunny cold day. 'm glad you are feeling so optimistic..i'm not there yet and i hope your stomach troubles will be gone soon too.

Bernie said...

So cold here Nora, don't think I would mind a bit of rain, that would mean it would have to warm up. It is suppose to be plus 2 by next Tuesday, hard to believe the turn around but I'll take it.
Hope you are feeling better my friend.....:-)Hugs

Wisewebwoman said...

Brrr, it is cold here, lots of snow, day for indoors though Ansa is not happy.
I am just not good in the cold of the snow anymore...
I hope your tummy gets better.