Sunday, January 29, 2012


Since I've quit smoking, I have the most incredible dreams. They could be whole epic movies in technicolor with special sound effects. They are so interesting. Even if I take just a nap, I dream. I can't describe them. They are too special and outer wordly for that. Believe me if I say that they make quite an impression. I would not have the words to do them justice. 

Today is day seven of my not smoking. I'm doing well. It's turning out not to be nearly the struggle that I thought it was going to be. That does not mean it is easy, of course. I do need a certain amount of willpower or in my case you should call it stubbornness. I'll be darned if I'm going to light up a cigarette. 

I can't anyway because I don't have any handy. I would have to go to my neighbor and beg for one and I'm not about to do that. Besides, if you smoke one cigarette, it would be like having to quit all over again. There's no such thing as an innocent cigarette.

For as much inmagination as I have during my sleep, that's how little I have while I'm awake. At least when it comes to writing a blog post. I've tried to write one several times over the last couple of days, but each one came to naught. I just did not have it in my to write an interesting one. I don't think that this one is going to be the exception. 

Maybe that also has to do with the fact that I've quit smoking. I know that I'm super critical of what I write and that I find it hard to set my imagination free. Apparently I have to be asleep before I can do that. 

The dog wants to go for a walk and I will take him. It relieves me from having to think of another thing to write about. It's quite cold outside and I will have to dress warm. It's freezing.



Maggie May said...

Well done! You are really getting there. It seems like quitting has opened a completely new path in your brain and that is why you're having such vivid dreams.

It is extremely cold here and snow is expected ..... thats all we want!
Keep warm.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

VioletSky said...

You might have to resort to keeping a notebook by your bed to jot down some interesting thoughts from your dreams and see if that kick starts your daytime imagination. I do that on occasion (but admit I often can't read my handwriting!!)

Wisewebwoman said...

Well done you!
I like what the two other commenters have to say, notebooks are amazing.
Written from the other side of smoking, a whole 'nother world.

Gail said...

I keep a notebook for dreams beside my bed. It seems after I wake, they float away.

I am hoping for inspiration to stop myself. Tried to Chantix, still smoked with crazy dreams, Tried the patches and still smoked...I think maybe handcuffed and underground with no way out might enable me to stop smoking.