Friday, November 05, 2010

Too normal...

I'm so incredibly normal, that I suspect that I took a dose too many of one of my medications today. I can't be sure, but I strongly suspect it. Of course, there's nothing I can do to undo it, so I just have to live with it. Isn't that awful, living with being too normal?

To offset it, I've made myself a pot of coffee and I'm having the first cup now. The pot has been hand washed by the domestic help herself, and hand dried by me, as was the rest of the paraphernalia, so I'm drinking a clean cup of coffee. As if there's any other kind to have. Right? 

I didn't sleep last night and didn't go to bed until early in the morning. I woke up just before the Exfactor got here and had just made coffee. I was still coughing from my first cigarette and walking around in my bathrobe. Tyke was the first one to hear the Exfactor's motorcycle from a distance and he ran to the window to have a look and then ran to the front door to get ready to greet him. He is so enthused when he knows the Exfactor is coming. 

The Exfactor went to the store for me to pick up a few things I had run out of, but later I realized that there were more things I needed, so I will have to go there myself tomorrow. The domestic help discovered that several cleaning products were gone and those replacement girls had not told me they were. Bad show all around. I will also have to get more dog food, because Tyke is eating a lot right now and I'm running out. 

The Exfactor and I did have a chance to drink coffee and talk about his work and I got him to off load a bit about what sort of stress he was dealing with. It turns out that a lot of it is still unresolved stress from his old job and we talked about that. I'm trying to get him to lighten the load by talking about it. I hope it will help. I will keep doing this. I figure I get a chance to do it once a week, so he should get a chance to do it also. All he needs is a listening ear and a little bit of guidance. I think I'm qualified to provide those.

It's 57F outside and I have all the windows open at the top. It isn't cold in here, but there's enough of a draft to air out the apartment, which was necessary. I will keep them open as long as possible. I don't need to turn the heater on now anyway. It is going to get colder over the weekend, so I will have to see what I'm going to do then, but I hope I can leave them open, because I gets smelly in here from the smoke. It's nicer to lie in bed with the windows open at night too, although I wouldn't know a thing about that, of course, not sleeping at night as I do. 

I am happy that it is weekend again and all I have to do is some paperwork that's not going to take a lot of my time. I'll try to get it done tomorrow and walk to the mailbox with Tyke. I also have to get my flu shot tomorrow morning. I'll be busy in the morning then it looks like. I do like to get things out of the way, as long as I'm not sleeping that is. I do waste a lot of my day sleeping when I stay up all night. I wonder if that is part of the purpose? To avoid the day? 

I washed a big load of laundry today and I still have to hang it up to dry. It is raining outside and it will be this weekend. The laundry will have to dry inside. I don't mind because it makes the bathroom smell good. It does help if I take it down and put it away on time. The laundry that's on the drying rack now has been there forever. Sometimes I do lie down on the job. I get some things done perfectly and other things slip through the cracks. It's hard being perfect. Who do I think I am anyway? 

I must go and walk Tyke. He has had a big meal and I'm sure it is necessary that he goes outside. I don't think the patio will do. I've had enough coffee and I think I will switch to cold milk. I will have to buy more tomorrow. 

Have a good night, all of you!



Maggie May said...

You've had a busy day then!
Hope you manage a better nights sleep tonight.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gail said...

A busy "normal" day, what the heck is normal, anyway?

Sounds like every thing is going good.

Twain12 said...

perfection is overrated...have a good weekend

Lane said...

Have a good Saturday Nora and Hope you get your tasks done with ease. The sun is shining here after an abysmal day yesterday.