Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Because I may need new glasses in the near future, I went to the Specsavers website and had a look at what was available in frames at a reasonable price. They have a really neat feature. You can choose an image of a face that closely matches yours, or download your own image, and try out frames on it to see how they look and in the color of your choice too. 

It's a fun thing to do and you can get real serious about it, though there are a lot of frames to choose from and you do get a bit confused after a while. It does give you an idea of what sort of frame you ought to be looking for and what colors look good. I know for sure now that the glasses I have are the wrong ones for me and that I need to get another pair. 

But like I said, that's in the future when I have the money for them. It's fun to look around and fantasize about them. It keeps you busy and off the streets. You know how much I hang out on street corners making a nuisance of myself. 

I have a sharp pain in my upper back where that curve is and I know I'm going to have to take a painkiller for it. Otherwise my muscles are going to tighten up and I will be in even more trouble. I'm trying to sit up as straight as I possibly can, but it requires a lot of effort. Slumping behind the computer is probably what got me into this problem.  Walking with Tyke makes it worse when he pulls at the leash. 

It's not nice when your body lets you down. Age is probably a contributor. Things wear out. I imagine my worn out spine trying to stand up straight after all these years and not quite making it. God, that makes me sound like somebody's old great grandmother, bent over with a cane, constantly looking at the ground slightly ahead of her. It's actually because of a mild form of scoliosis that my back hurts. I've taken a painkiller and I hope it works soon.

I've taken Tyke for his last walk for the day and he's sound asleep now underneath the dining table. It's time that his new pillow arrives, because he picks odd places to sleep in. Not the most comfortable ones. Hopefully it will get here by tomorrow. It's strange that it wasn't delivered at the same time with his toys, but I did order it on a different day, so maybe that was too complicated for them. 

I've just had a big bowl of Cup a Soup. I mixed three pouches of asparagus flavor in a bowl of hot water and it was very thick and nice and warm. It's done my stomach a world of good. I feel full and comfortable now. It was better than a cup of hot chocolate and that's saying a lot. I've still got a couple of other flavors left, under which broccoli and leek. Cup a Soup is a good invention. I wish I had thought of it. Hey, I should be a spokeswoman for them and for Specsavers too.

I'm tired even though I slept so well last night. I could go to bed right now and fall asleep, but I won't do that because it's way to early for that. I will go and put my pajamas on so I will at least be at that stage. 

Have a good evening, you all. 



Twain12 said...

sleep well my friend and i hope you don't have to wait for the glasses to long .

Maggie May said...

Whatever else you have to cut back on, don't let it be your eyes. They are so precious.
I had an eye test a couple of months back and am waiting to get new glasses. I will wait till the New Year now. Varifocals are expensive.
I also go to Specsavers and love that gadget that can help you see if the glasses suit you when otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell if you were very shortsighted as I am.
Sleep well.
Maggie X

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