Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sleeping successfully...

Yesterday I cheated on my vegetarian diet and had a meatball for lunch. I had been craving something hearty like meat for quite a while now and I think it was my body's way of telling me that I had a shortage in my diet.  I had not eaten meat for a long time and I didn't know what was going to happen if I did. Was I going to be struck by lightening, for instance?

I didn't know if my gastric band was going to be able to handle a whole meatball, albeit not such a big one, but I chewed it slowly and carefully and all went well and I felt very satisfied afterwards. The full feeling lasted all afternoon and my stomach was very happy. I guess that's what I needed all along. 

For dinner I had half a bowl of chunky goulash soup and it was the first time that I tried that one. My personal helper had recommended it. It had big chunks of vegetables and mushrooms in it and I think I detected some meat in it as well. It was delicious anyway and I ate it with pleasure. I had a small bowl of chocolate pudding for dessert later and ate some crackers before I went to bed. For a change I had a really full stomach. 

Maybe that's what made me sleep so well because I slept for 7 hours and for me that's almost some sort of record. The longest I have slept so far is 9 hours, so this is getting close. It's very tempting to tie my successful sleeping to my diet and I think I will. I will pretty much eat the same things today that I had yesterday and see if I can sleep as well again tonight. It's worth the try. 

Oh, and I had lost a kilo when I went on the bathroom scale in the morning. You see what a difference it makes when you weigh yourself in the morning as opposed to when you do at night. In my case I lost 400 grams overnight just from sleeping. That's a whole pound. 

It's a normal time in the morning now when ordinary people are awake too. For a change I'm just like everybody else. I won't know what to do with my time. Of course, there are the inevitable chores such as the dishes, but I have all day to do those. 

I suppose it would be a good opportunity to pick out a good outfit to wear. It's going to be nice weather today and I'll have to wear something appropriate. I have a dress in mind that I like very much, but there's another one that I also like and I may give that one a try. It's a toss up between the two. One is more casual than the other. I suppose I'll have to pick the one I feel most comfortable in. 

Right, I have to get the show on the road. The dog needs to be taken for a walk. He doesn't know that yet. He's sound asleep. It will be a total surprise to him. 

Have a good day.



VioletSky said...

I was in bed very early this morning after work and have now been awake for hours. I feel a little lost, as this is the time I normally wake up.

i am going to put this on record and head out for a walk to the gym. I may even weigh myself. I may even get some meatballs (all I need is to hear about food and the cravings start. sigh.)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sleep makes such a difference doesn't it? We've had 3 really windy nights and my sleep has been rubbish. Grrrr. Today has been a gorgeous sunny day though and E and M have both been to Discos and had a wonderful time so all is good. :D

Gail said...

So glad you had a good night's sleep, nothing like it to make things look brighter.

Bernie said...

A good meal and a good nights sleep makes all the difference in the world doesn't it. Sorry I am late stopping by, I had a busy day. No snow today only sunshine and I so enjoyed it.
Hope you slept well last night and have a wonderful day today. I am off to bed now.....:-)Hugs

Maggie May said...

Nothing like a good night's sleep and a full tummy! (Though nothing would make me eat a meatball!)
Gorgeous day today! Hope you are experiencing it too.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

good luck with the sound good and i hope you have another good day ♥