Saturday, April 02, 2011

Smelling the coffee...

It's in the middle of the night and I have slept enough for now. I don't want to waste anymore time doing it until the morning when it will be Saturday and I will have more than enough time for it. I'm not expecting any people to come over or packages to be delivered like there were yesterday. The domestic help and the Exfactor were here and the package of books that I ordered arrived, causing dents in my otherwise peaceful day. I didn't have the long, languid days that I had on Wednesday and Thursday, when there was nobody here and I could do as I pleased and I got more accomplished in the end.

True, my apartment is very clean and I'm all set for the weekend, except for a load of laundry that needs to be hung up to dry and some more dishes that need to get done, as always. That's a never ending battle because I do eat and dirty them. I keep an eagle's eye on the growing amount of them so they don't get out of hand and become an overwhelming stack. It's like the laundry, the minute there's a full load, I have to wash it so I always stay on top of things. There's a full load quickly when I change the bed. My sheets are getting worn out from washing them and I will soon have to invest in new ones. 

The books that got here have found their place on the bookcase ready to be read when I finish the one I'm reading. They take up a bit of space because one of them is a big, fat paperback. It will take me some time to get through that one. It's with some amount of trepidation that I look at it. The others are more normal sized and less intimidating. I also have small books on my bookcase that I could read in a short amount of time, but I've not been interested in them yet. I guess I'm still looking for a bit of a challenge, but I may want to read them as a break from the bigger ones. I may give that a try. I have a bunch of those by Edna O'Brien, but they are a completely different genre than what I'm reading now. I have to give that some thought. 

There's not much else on the program today. The Exfactor went to the tobacco shop for me yesterday, saving me the trip over there today. I did miss out on a chocolate bar, but I have chocolate pudding. I've been having cravings for meatballs and pork chops and bacon at night before I go to bed and look through the cupboards and the refrigerator to no avail to find something that will take care of my craving instead. I must be in need of protein and have to find a way to get more of it in my diet. It's very hard to be on an all vegetarian diet and I know I'm not getting all the nutrients I should. I think my body is telling me something. 

It's going to be 24C (75F) today. It's a fluke because tomorrow it's going to be a lot cooler again. We'll just happen to be in a high pressure system today. I won't know how to dress. It's been a long time since it's been so warm. I won't worry about it just now, though. I'm going back to bed to sleep some more. When I wake up later in the morning, I'll see how warm it is outside and I'll know which clothes to put on. 

Have a great day.


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