Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't drop the preciousness...

It's one of those middle of the night moments again when I feel at my top best and I think the world is my oyster. It is easy to think that, when all around me is silence and darkness and everybody is asleep. I am the mistress of my universe. I find myself in a void and I like being in this seemingly empty space where only I exist in the cozy circle of the dimly lit living room with only the animals asleep in it. It's like being in a small spaceship. Our destiny is not earth. 

I've made myself a fresh pot of coffee and it involved opening a new package of coffee and emptying the contents in the glass containers which are tightly sealed afterwards to keep the coffee fresh. But the coffee from the freshly opened package always tastes best and the first pot is a joy to drink. If I get the proportions just right, there is nothing like that first cup of coffee and I savor it. It's the little joys in life that bring happiness and I think I have to take advantage of every one of them. 

Another joy I have is wearing my woolly, oversized, gray cardigan. It keeps me warmer than my bathrobe and I like the way it feels against my skin. It is soft and warm and snuggly and on cold nights, with the bedroom window open, I sleep in it. One thing I love to be and that is warm in bed. I hate for any part of me to be exposed to the outside air, except for my head. My gray cardigan is my old trusty stand by for whenever I get cold. I put it on over my clothes when it gets too chilly in here. Because it's so roomy, it always fits. 

The last three days the weather has been chilly and windy. It's actually the normal weather for this time of the year and we were spoiled when it was so beautiful. But you sure very quickly get used to that and take that as the norm and want it to stay that way. Now it's back to wearing double layers of clothing and wearing a jacket when I go out. I'm not much of a hero when it comes to being cold and I don't like to suffer. I like being dressed as warm as I can. The subtropical Nora is alive and well inside of me and will never get used to colder temperatures. I curse the cold wind and it always seems to blow. 

Because I've dressed so warmly, I haven't had to turn up the thermostat and have been able to keep the bedroom window open, which saves me energy costs and airs out the place. It doesn't get real cold in here and in the afternoon, what sun there is heats up the living room through the windows. It makes a few degrees difference. That's not as nice in the summertime when it's hot, but I sure appreciate it now. The apartment traps the heat. 

I've got to figure out what sort of interesting clothes I'm going to wear today. A body does want some variety. I've got to do something interesting with my hair too. It's at the perfect length to fiddle with, as long as I have the aid of some hairspray. It will be the usual fun to look in my closet to see what I will find there. There are always more possibilities than I can think of at the top of my head. As long as I keep my clothes organized, I will be able to find things, that's the whole trick. 

Before I do anything, I need to get some more sleep. So I will take my medicines and head back to bed with a glass of warm milk. I have my most interesting dreams in the morning. We'll see what I make of it this time. 

Have a good day.



Bernie said...

I am just off to bed myself Nora. Would you believe they are calling for a foot of snow beginning over night through to Friday....errr!
I am going to a live play tomorrow night "The Wizard of Oz" so I am hoping the weather won't be too bad.
I hope you were able to go back to sleep.....unlike you I really don't like being awake through the night when the world is sleeping.
Be well my friend and stay warm.

Gail said...

Rest well.

Maggie May said...

Love the daisies.
I have a baggy navy cardigan that I sometimes slouch about in & occasionally sleep in.
It went so cold last night that I was glad of it & I won't put on the CH again now.
The weather is right back to Winter again. Very bad for the metabolism, I think.
Maggie X

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