Monday, May 31, 2010


Much to my surprise, I find myself awake in the wee hours of the morning and not at all sound asleep in bed. It is not a disaster, because I had emails to answer, so I've spent my time usefully and enjoyably with a cup of coffee. I had hoped to sleep longer, but after I had gone to the toilet, my head decided it wanted to stay up and do exciting things. My body agreed. You see how they are autonomic entities that function independently of me, as if they have their own will. Where do I come into the picture?

Assuming I was doing Tyke a favor, I put Jesker's old pillow underneath my desk, where Tyke often sleeps, but he would have none of it and rejected it completely. He was waiting for me to take it away before he would lie down there. So I took it away and put it down on the floor against the wall behind me, and now Tyke is lying underneath the desk on top of my feet. I really don't think he likes that pillow and I wonder if I have to buy a new one. Tyke is always lying on the bare floor, even though he can lie on the sofa or on my bed. He does that occasionally, but always gravitates back to the floor. As long as he is close to me, he doesn't mind.

My friend Gail sent me the book of the famous Horse Whisperer and I'm going to be real smart about dog training now. His name is Ceasar Millan and he does that well known show on TV that we even get in the Netherlands. My sister swears by it and watches every episode. She's just recently brought it to my attention and then I got that book from Gail, so it was a nice coincidence. Tyke won't know what hit him. It was meant to be.

It has stopped raining since yesterday evening and the sun was even shining at the end of the day. It may rain a little more in the beginning of the week, but after that the weather is supposed to improve and we can expect temperatures into the 20's. Celsius that is. I don't know about that rain. Maybe the weather forecasters will get that wrong and we will get none. Very often we end up not getting any when some was predicted. We are just south enough for that so it misses us. I must admit that when the temperature is in the low 20's and the sun shines, it is very nice here and very bearable. I won't complain about that. It does cheer me up.

I'm sitting here in my gray cardigan. I don't even need my red bathrobe, it's not really cold in here, even though the windows are still open at the top. It is 20C in here. The apartment holds the warmth well, even when there is a draft moving through it and the place is getting aired out. It smells a lot better in here now, as opposed to when the windows were closed. I hope I can keep them open until October now and not turn the heater on anymore. It's going to be a big enough surprise when I get my end of the year energy bill in July. It's been a cold winter and spring. I'm sure everybody has been in for a surprise. I hope for the best.

At least I know what I'm wearing today. I won't have to stand in front of the closet and wait for inspiration to hit me. It's already hit me yesterday and those clothes are still clean. It's very enjoyable to wear something that fits so well and I know I have a few more dresses that are just like it that I haven't worn for a while. The kind that you don't have to suck in your stomach for when you stand up straight. That's such a comfort. I have other dresses that I have to wear with more care. They make my stomach stick out and it's not very becoming, though I'm not constantly aware of it. I don't go around thinking, "Oh, my stomach, oh goodness!" I'm not that vain. I only think it occasionally. When there's a man around. Ha! I admit it.

I'm up early enough to hear the first birds wake up and to hear the first traffic sounds. Some people do get started early. No doubt those are people who deliver newspapers. They are the ones on those irritating scooters that make so much noise. They should be disallowed early in the morning when the windows are open. It's too bad I'm not a dictator.

Wish me well on what no doubt is going to be an interesting day. It is Monday and we pick up where we left off on Friday. Back to the little rat race that is life and its responsibilities. That means being places on time and interacting with people and taking care of the animals. One in particular.

Have a good day all of you. I hope the weather is great for you and that the birds sing lovely songs for you.



Bernie said...

I hope you were able to go back to bed and get a little more sleep Nora. How is Tyke's eye, are you taking him to the vet today.

I have just come to bed for the night, I am hoping to finish visiting my blogs before falling off to sleep.

Enjoy your day my friend....:-)Hugs

Gail said...

What a cheery way to greet the day, you must teach me how.

Anonymous said...

感謝分享 功德無量........................................

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh poor wee Tyke needs his own bed! As a dog's sense of smell is something like 10,000 times more powerful than ours he can detect Jesker. You can't wash it out. I learned this the hard way!
An old pillowcase and some chopped up old clothes should do it. Though knowing the artist you are.....
But in dog training I learned all dogs need a totally safe spot to retreat to that is entirely theirs...